Id Invaded Ep. 10

image from Inside-outed II Narihisago's life continues on with him believing that this Id well is not a dream or a well, but reality. He thinks that the life that he remembers is just a dream that is inside Kiki Asukai's mind. Throughout his visits with Asukai, she tells Narihisago that sometimes her dreams… Continue reading Id Invaded Ep. 10

Id: Invaded Ep. 4

image from Extended Tamotsu Fukuda, the first serial killer of the series is shown to be getting questioned about the inmate suicide that occurred. He stated that Narihisago, Sakaido, analyzed the dead man to his death with cold unfeeling eyes. Fukuda is then sent into the sniper Id well, with no memory except for… Continue reading Id: Invaded Ep. 4

Id: Invaded Ep. 3

image from Episode 3: Sniped The past of Akihito Narihisago, Sakaido, and what happened daughter, Muku, are told in grueling details. His daughter was beaten to death so badly that her blood was splattered all over their apartment. A serial killer named the Challenger forced Muku to fight to her death. Her organs were… Continue reading Id: Invaded Ep. 3