Id: Invaded Ep. 4

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Tamotsu Fukuda, the first serial killer of the series is shown to be getting questioned about the inmate suicide that occurred. He stated that Narihisago, Sakaido, analyzed the dead man to his death with cold unfeeling eyes.

Fukuda is then sent into the sniper Id well, with no memory except for his new name Anaido.

He is being tested to see if the analysis team can use him instead of Narihisago to dive in the Id well and investigate. Fukuda fails the test every time he is sent inside.

Perhaps he does not do well inside of the Id well is that he became a serial killer and killer all of those people because of a obscure and irrational reason, while Narihisago killed to avenge his daughter. Both chose to kill, but one always had that killing intent and the other one only had the killing intent at the moment of an incident.

A new killer has sprung up. This time he is called the Grave Digger.

A teenage girl is trapped inside of what appears to be a barrel with only a few oxygen canisters to breathe from and glow sticks allowing her to see, while a camera sits above her live streaming to thousands of people watching.

The girls name is Keiko Kikuchi, 16 years old, and has become the 7th victim of the Grave Digger.

Keiko states that the last victim survived about 52 hours. Let’s hope she can make it that long.

The Wakumusubi manages to pick up traces of the Grave Diggers intent to kill for an Id well to be formed. It’s time for Narihisago to enter into the Id well and uncover who this serial killer is.

Sakaido wakes up in a small apartment room. Kaeru is dead, burned to a crisp, laying down on a rug in the center of the room. The odd thing is is that Kaeru is burned but no other part of the apartment is burned.

Sakaido looks out the window and sees a line of fire burning the floors below him.

Just as he looks up, he sees a young girls at the very top of the apartment buildings. This young girls is a ten year old version of Keiko. Sakaido tries to make his way up to her, but ends up dying many times.

When he comes out of the Id well, Narihisago gets five minute breaks in between before he is plunged back into the Id well and continue the investigation as Sakaido.

Though this is putting a lot of strain on his mental state it must be done because the Keiko does not have long before she runs out of oxygen.

Eventually Sakaido makes his way to the ten year old Keiko. He wonders why she is alive and in a separate place from the other bodies, and why was Kaeru separated from the other bodies too.

Sakaido and the analysis team on the outside deduce that Keiko was not killed by the Grave Digger but instead killed by a copycat killer.

Even in real life, serial killers inspire others to try and the murders that they committed, and then their murder seems to be another victim of a known active serial killer.

When Sakaido picks up ten year old Keiko, she points outside of the window to a man standing in the opposite apartment holding a torch.

According to Keiko, that man set hi apartment on fire with his wife and child still inside. Keiko must have seen the whole thing, and the man must have noticed that Keiko saw him do it.

The field team is informed of the man’s identity and is on their way to take him in.

They find the man in his basement watching the live stream when the police bust in with their guns drawn on him.

The field team arrested the man, but there is no sign of Keiko.

The analysis team recognizes the rug in the man’s basement as the rug that Kaeru was laying on in the Id well. They tell the field team to look under the rug. They found Keiko but she was already dead.

The live stream was actually a recording. She has been dead for a few days.

As the officers arrested the man and put him in a police unit, Hondomachi recognizes one of the on lookers in the crowd. It’s Haruka, one of the victims of the first serial killer who drilled a hole in people head.

She followed him, but lost him as he rounded a corner. Just then Haruka appeared behind Hondomachi, surprising her. He grabbed her face and kissed her?!

And, I guess to be continued.


An interesting case dealing with a copycat killer. Copycat killer are very common to see and rarely get away with it. There is always something that the murderer missed that leads to his/her eventual arrest.

It was upsetting to see that the girl was already dead by the time that the police arrived but there was no way of knowing if the girl was truly alive or dead by the time the video popped up online.

The anger and pain that Narihisago felt finding out that the girl was already dead was devastating. When he was carrying the girl to safety inside of the Id well, he was happy knowing that he was able to save her unlike when he was unable to save his daughter.

Not all cases have a happy ending.

And with the Grave Digger serial killer still out there, let’s hope that they catch him soon before he kills again.


Thanks for reading.

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