Id Invaded Ep. 10

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Inside-outed II

Narihisago’s life continues on with him believing that this Id well is not a dream or a well, but reality. He thinks that the life that he remembers is just a dream that is inside Kiki Asukai’s mind.

Throughout his visits with Asukai, she tells Narihisago that sometimes her dreams can see things that will happen in the future. These predictions vary from killer to killer but any prediction she has always comes true.

While Narihisago lives out his life with his family, he uses the memories of the serial killers that he helped find and convict for their crimes.

Each serial killer he finds, Narihisago uses his psycho analysis techniques to drive them insane to the point that they kill themselves.

Months go by, and in the middle of the night, Narihisago receives a phone call from Momoki telling him that Asukai has vanished. Narihisago pleas innocent about anything involving himself and Asukai.

While Momoki continues looking for Asukai, Narihisago continues his hunt for the other serial killers. This leads Narihisago to the Perforator’s house. There he plans to rid his reality of the Perforator.

But then suddenly, Handomachi appears behind Narihisago.

Hondomachi remembers Narihisago and his alter-ego Sakaido, but he is confused as to what she is saying and refuses to accept what she is saying. She explains that she dove inside an Id well from inside another Id well, as did Narihisago. She states that she arrived only twenty minutes ago, while Narihisago said that he has been there for over a year. Then Narihisago begins to see the world for what it is.

Narihisago’s mind starts to remember his real self and his real truth – his wife is dead, his child is dead, and he is a murderer.

He tried calling his wife and telling her to take Muku and run, but he then realizes that nothing he can say or do will change the fact that they are dead. Memories of his old life with his family flood his mind. From his marriage to the birth of his daughter to the fun times the spent together, all of it came back.

Everything that he had, everything that made him happy, made him complete is flooding through is head as memories. He realizes that those memories are just that, memories. His wife and his daughter are dead, and nothing is going to change that.

The world around Narihisago and Hondomachi began erasing itself. Hondomachi explains that the world has become unstable with the presence of both of them. They both wonder what will happen to them as the Id well deconstructs with them in it, but then Narihisago is ejected and brought back to the desert wasteland and becomes Sakaido once again.

Sakaido catches up with Anaido real quick, and then things get worrisome. Anaido explains that while Sakaido was in the Id well, he had time to investigate a little. He found out who the body in the sand trap belongs to. The body is that of Akihito Narihisago.

Sakaido, hearing that name and hearing that the body is actually him, begins to panic. Anaido also explains two things: that the Id well they are in is that of Narihisago’s and that thanks to the real brain of Anaido’s real body, he is able to remember everything about who he is and what he is, a serial killer.

Because Sakaido is inside of his own Id well and then realizes that it is his own mind, the Id well becomes unstable and causes a well storm.

The analysis team explains that the Id well that Sakaido and Anaido are inside the end stage of Narihisago mind.

I assume by what they mean is that it is the state of mind that Narihisago was in after his wife and daughter died and he started to have a mental breakdown.

Things have just gotten real dire for Sakaido.


This episode was a mix of a mind bending plot with an emotional story. Narihisago does not want to leave this world where his wife and daughter are both alive. In the beginning he believes that this world is fake, and Id well, but slowly he comes to desire this world to be real and starts to believe that this world is in fact real.

With the arrival of Hondomachi, his “reality” starts to break down. Then when Sakaido wakes up from diving in the Id well, the realization of diving into his real body’s mind causing a mental breakdown and causing an actual storm.

Anaido then reveals that he has retained his memories form is real mind and remembers everything about who he is. I guess the hole in his head rewired his brain.

Nonetheless, the plot twists and the mental stress of reality vs disreality is intriguing. A lot is about to happen in the last couple of episodes that will reveal the identity of John Walker, the fate of Narihisago’s mental state, and the truth about Kiki Asukai will all be revealed soon.


Thanks for reading.

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