Id: Invaded Ep. 5

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Last episode, we saw Haruka Kazuta approach Hondomachi and kiss her. Why did he do this, and why did he run away when Hondomachi called out to him?

Hondomachi and Matsuoka leave the crime scene as Hondomachi explains what had just happened.

She begins to speculate why Kazuta would be at the crime scene as an onlooker and approach Hondomachi to kiss her. She tells Matsuoka a theory of hers that Kazuta was there at the crime scene not as an onlooker but to check out the work of the copycat killer. She speculates that Kazuta may in fact be the real Grave Digger. She tells Matsuoka to head back to the crime scene.

There at the crime scene, Hondomachi uses the Wakumusubi to scan the area where Kazuta kissed Hondomachi. And just like she thought, killing intent was picked up. Hondomachi was both pleased and pissed because they found the real Grave Digger but Kazuta was there to kill her.

Matsuoka asked Hondomachi why he didn’t kill her. Hondomachi then said that the neural signals that control specific emotions and actions might have been crossed when Kazuta got the hole in his head.

Well whatever the reason was an Id well was formed thanks to Hondomachi, and Sakaido could now discover the Grave Digger’s whereabouts.

Inside of the Id well, Sakaido is free falling. the only ground near him is a single piece of land with a lone house on it.

Once Sakaido enters the home, he again finds Kaeru’s dead body and must solve her murder. Her murder is always connected to the serial killer they are chasing and will lead to the discovery of the serial killer’s identity.

But this time, Sakaido is able to solve the murder rather quickly. Kaeru, or the representation of the real body, was stabbed to death. Th only thing that is amiss is the way that she was killed. The blood pool is centered around the body and the floor is not stained, perhaps the body was killed mid air, hence the falling area outside and the objects in the room floating.

What Sakaido does find though is a live body underneath the blood pool. This person is an amalgamation of the 6 victims of the Grave Digger.

Sakaido get no information from this person, except for that the person is hiding from a monster.

The only information that Sakaido manages to discover is a photograph of Kazuta and other classmates of his when they visited Kazuta’s house.

He investigates all around the house, even underneath it, but no luck. Then he looks underneath the piece of land and finds John Walker impaling a man.

Sakaido rushes over and confronts John Walker, but he dodges Sakaido attacks and then escapes.

Just who is John Walker and what connection does he have with these killings?

Meanwhile, the other field team member, Tsukimaru Mishimura, and the police are at the real house displayed in the Id well. They are there to arrest Kazuta.

Inside they discover large barrels in the basement. The police try to open the barrels but they are unable to. Power cable are going to one of the barrels and they suspect that that barrel may contain a victim. The police cut the power cable, but then a liquid starts to leak out of the barrel.

It’s gasoline! It’s a trap!

The lights above them shatter causing a spark. Fire erupts and rapidly spreads to the entire house.

The entire house goes up in an explosion. The fate of Nishimura and the other officers are unknown, but they presumably killed by the explosion.

While Nishimura was at Kazuta’s family home, Matsuoka and Hondomachi pay visits to the people in the photo.

They pay a visit to Nahosi Inami, who is one of the girls in the photograph. Hondomachi asks her a few questions about Kazuta, some about Kazuta’s relationships, some about Inami’s relationships, her current connection to Kazuta, and so on.

Throughout all of the questions, something seemed off about Inami, her coy responses seemed emotionless and her eyes seemed empty. Hondomachi knew something was off about Inami.

Matsuoka tried to tell Hondomachi that an emergency has just happened, the explosion, and that they need to go, but Hondomachi was not done.

Hondomachi got up and told Inami that she is under arrest.

Matsuoka surprised at Hondomachi’s sudden accusation and asks Hondomachi what she is doing. She tells him that Kazuta was committing the crimes for his sadist queen, Nahosi Inami.

Hondomachi demands that Inami tells them where Kazuta is but unbeknownst to them, Kazuta is closer than they realize.


The team finally tracked down the real Grave Digger, but it’s not who they thought it was. Kazuta was acting alone, and it seems like he was not acting out to kill but instead out of love.

I do appreciate a good crime show but I do like to be able to follow along with the evidence. There is little to no evidence that Inami is the actual Grave Digger and little evidence to lead Hondomachi to her accusation of Inami as the Grave Digger.

That’s not to say that the episode was bad in anyway. It was a nice twist to find out who exactly the Grave digger is and that Kazuta is possibly killing for the love of Inami.

I guess the evidence and the truth will be revealed in the next episode.


Thank you for reading.

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