Becoming Over-Sensitive

Unshackle the Conformity to Release the Individuality Some may say that our global younger generations are becoming more sensitive on many different subjects, from racial equality to gender equality to social justice to government reform. But could it be overlooked as over-sensitive instead of looking at it as the ignorance of the older generation belittling… Continue reading Becoming Over-Sensitive

Who or What is The Grinch

So, we know the Grinch hated Christmas. His head could have been screwed on right or his shoes were too tight, but most likely it was because his heart was two sized too small. We all know the traditional reasons for why the Grinch hated Christmas but what if the true reason he wasn’t meant… Continue reading Who or What is The Grinch

Eden’s Zero, the World after Fairy Tail

What's next after Fairy Tail after 63 volumes and 60 million copies sold worldwide. After leaving the Kingdom Fiore and Magnolia City, the home of the Fairy Tail guild, it is now time for a new adventure for Hiro Mashima. Netflix Anime. Mar 11, 2021. Edens Zero Official Trailer. Youtube. What's Next That next… Continue reading Eden’s Zero, the World after Fairy Tail

The Change in Retail and the Effects on Retail Customer Service

Over the years retail stores and customer service jobs have been changing right in front of our eyes over the many decades, but in some ways many things have stayed the same. Typically retail stores have high turnover rates, whether it's due to hiring seasonal workers or employees leaving. Turnover rates are the percentage rates… Continue reading The Change in Retail and the Effects on Retail Customer Service

Representation in Adaptations

Throughout the many forms of entertainment, original works inspire adaptations but are those adaptations truly accurate adaptations? From original works such as short stories, novels, poems to movies, TV shows, and animation, adaptions exist and can bring that original work to the eyes and hears of a larger audience. Many original works or actual events… Continue reading Representation in Adaptations