Id: Invaded Ep. 3

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Episode 3: Sniped

The past of Akihito Narihisago, Sakaido, and what happened daughter, Muku, are told in grueling details. His daughter was beaten to death so badly that her blood was splattered all over their apartment.

A serial killer named the Challenger forced Muku to fight to her death.

Her organs were destroyed and her head was smashed open with her brain spilling out. Her death was gruesome and full of agony.

It’s Narihisago’s daughters death that haunts him every time he sleeps. There is also a link between Muku’s death and Kaeru’s death.

Anyway, a new case has come up. Multiple bombing have taken place killing mass numbers of people. The odd thing with these bombings is that once the bomb goes off, fireworks follow, almost celebrating the events and the killings.

The analysis team quickly jumps into action and Sakaido enters the Id well of the killers mind, thanks to the scans the Wakumusubi took from the crime scene.

In this Id well, Sakaido stands on a lone tower surrounded by a waterfall on all sides with people, around 70-80 in number, joined with him. There in the center is Kaeru.

One by one, the people are shot and killed by an unknown sniper located somewhere around them. Sakaido tries to uncover the location of the sniper but can only deduce that the location is probably somewhere inside of the waterfall, but something else is off. The direction of the shots all seem to be coming from all around them. So either the sniper is moving locations or the building itself is moving.

Well after several attempts inside of the Id well with Sakaido being killed over and over, he finally figures out that the building itself is moving and the killer must be within the crowd.

Sakaido figures out that the building is moving by the location of the people, who are no more than dolls inside of the Id well, on the ground outside of the tower, of those who jumped, have changed locations.

Also Sakaido looks at Kaeru is appears to be looking and pointing in the direction of the sniper who killed her is, but that location has changed too.

On the outside, the analysis team sees a discrepancy with the body count. Sometimes when Sakaido re-enters the number of people killed changes, but that only one person who is crawling around slowly never dies.

He figures out that this is the killer and the analysis team is able to find the killer. The killer was a reporter who did stories on war torn countries and the death that it brings. He became enthralled at the death and bloodshed that it brings and the beauty of hell that war brings. But once that was all over, he decided to recreate those photos of excitement by creating it himself.

People are quick to capture the moment for themselves, but he wanted to capture the moment of the people looking at the destruction. Death comes from all different forms, but none are as glorious as mass death that simulates a type of hell, or so this serial killer believes.

The field team, Matsuoka, apprehends the serial killer and takes him into custody.

Sakaido now back in his cell, meets the serial killer face to face and psycho analyzes him. Sakaido reveals that the man enjoyed all of this death and that he wanted people to die. The serial killer denied it as though the life he took wasn’t real and that what he did was not wrong.

Sakaido broke this man down to his mental breaking point and in the middle of the night, the serial killer took his own life, thanks in part to Sakaido’s psycho analysis.

Sakaido watched as the man killed himself. Sakaido has been reprimanded by Momoki in the past as Sakaido has caused several inmates to commit suicide.

In the last scenes of the episode Sakaido dreams about the Id well that he visited, but this time he tried to save Kaeru from getting killed. He doesn’t make it in time. As he holds Kaeru’s body, his daughter appears in place of Kaeru and asks him why he wasn’t there for her when she died.

The death of Muku will forever haunt Sakaido and he will forever regret his choices for not being there for his daughter when she need him the most.


The psychological thinking of this show really remind me of criminal shows, and especially of Psycho Pass. This anime make you think more of the psychological aspect of it and less about the case. I mean, Sakaido is like a Sherlock Holmes and figures things out randomly and out of the blue kinda like Sherlock, but I find that the psychological reasoning is more important than the case itself.

Not only do we see the psychological trauma or reasons of the serial killers but also of Sakaido. What brought him into becoming a criminal was the death of his daughter and the killing of the one who murdered her. Seems like the only regret Sakaido has is not being there fro his daughter and not actually killing the Challenger.

To understand the criminal mind of a serial killer has been a subject of research for countless of years and there appears to be no one answer. What makes a criminal and how can they be stopped before they commit any killings?


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  1. I love this! Love how you write and summarize everything. I didn’t watch the anime but came here to see what’s about. Your descriptions are on point. Thx


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