Becoming Over-Sensitive

Unshackle the Conformity to Release the Individuality

Some may say that our global younger generations are becoming more sensitive on many different subjects, from racial equality to gender equality to social justice to government reform.

But could it be overlooked as over-sensitive instead of looking at it as the ignorance of the older generation belittling to the younger generation on a society that the younger generation wants instead of the society that the older generation has poisoned.

The older wants to shackle the younger under conformity, while the younger wants to seek their individuality through freedom.

The older generation relied on the news media to inform and update the people on everything happening at that moment in time, but the unfortunate casualty of that was the peoples complacency. They became complacent and conformed to the news that was being spoken or showed to them and never questioned the evidence or the complexity of the matter. The news media made it simple and the people became complacent on simplicity.

We have politicians that look at individual gender identity and gender affirmation as nonsense. Many of the older generation, to be more precise the older conservative generation, do not rely on scientific evidence and the ever changing discoveries of biology and anatomy. For them, they want simple and when simple becomes complex or confusing it becomes wrong.

Take a look at this article by Claire Ainsworth and video from about the discoveries about gender identity and the studies done on gender dating back to the 1990s.

Simple is as tradition was.

Traditionalism holds strong in the more conservative generation. This political viewpoint stands firm with religious “morals” being a key implementation in a government system. describes the intent with traditionalism conservative:

Traditional Conservatism vs Modern Conservatism & Neo-Conservatism

But that religious moral system is not based on a diverse religious adoption, it is based on one religious thought, Christianity; and the main book that conservative traditionalism “worships” is the bible. The bible that has been revised, edited, and misunderstood for centuries.

It is that same bible that politicians use against the younger generations that have been steering away because of its outdated, misunderstandings, and downright discriminate points of view. It is easier and simpler to base your whole life and your choices by what a book says, right?

According to the Pew Research Center, as the generations continue on the less they connect with religion.

But of course as issues are brought up by the younger, the older will always rely on the over sensitive narrative to further dismiss their thoughts and opinions.

The need for simplicity and the notion towards conformity could also have been caused by the lack of education. As we see today, the textbooks for most schools, at least in the “United” States, are outdated and misinformed. The topics of gender identity, gender anatomy, and the intricacy of human biology is not covered in the elementary or high-school level. That is more of discussion and study at the college level.

And according to Pew Research Center, the percentages of college graduates or students completing at least four years of college or university between the older generations and the younger generations were something else.

The Old Generations want Conformity, to Shackle the Younger Generations under Simplistic Traditionalism!

The Younger Generations will break those Shackles to Search for a Future of Individuality!


Thank you for reading and let me know what you think and what your thoughts are on the matter.


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