A dungeons and dragons inspired fantasy story consisting of unique characters of many different races and in depth story of redemption, revenge, and freedom. A story filled with medieval fantasy worlds and futuristic fantasy worlds combined into one.

Its a story about taking back from an authoritative power by characters from many different backgrounds and walks of life.


The Federation of Unionization, FU, has “united” many worlds within the galaxy, Agoran, under its rule to bring order to the chaos of the many worlds. Thousands of years ago, the Federation was formed by four individuals of four different humanoid races, who were known as the Elders.

The initial goal of the Federation was to unite the galaxy under a single power that would benefit all that joined, but one of the Elders saw the eventual abuse and force that the Federation was exhibiting. The Federation amassed a large armada that traveled to the many planets to unite the planets within the Federation, and if a planet would refuse then the planet and its inhabitants would be destroyed for fear that they would revolt against the Federation.


Our story begins hundreds of years later, the Federation visits the home-world of the Akrimar, a race of humanoids descended from otherworldly celestial beings. Akria, size 3,390 km / 2,460 miles, is a world tough and beautiful at the same time. The sky calm, bright with an array of colors with avian creatures of all sizes soaring freely and protecting their domain. The lands tough, mountain ranges scattered vastly over the world, but beautiful with the inhabitants either roaming the lands or settling in cities and towns.

The Federation landed on the capital continent, right landmass near the inward region around the Vicious Sea.

As the Federation descended upon the continent, the Akrimars welcomed the discussion and diplomacy. One of the Elders, along with Federation officers, went to the capital to discuss the unifications for the Federation and the Akrimars, with the Akrimar Council.

The demands were simple, join the Federation and all other nations, worlds, and races under the banner of the Federation; don’t, and be considered a threat and an enemy of the Federation of Unionization.

Once they heard the demands of the Federation to join them, the Akrimars declined.

The Federation told them that those that do not join the Federation oppose the Federation and are enemies of the Federation. The Akrimars were told that this would not be that last they see of the Federation.

One month later, the Federation returned with its armada to wreck havoc on all of Akrima. The Federation spread death and destruction to every corner, killing any and every Akrimar that crossed in their line of sight.

In the larger of the center-most southern islands, several small villages dot the landscape of this island like they live separate from the rest of the world. Even this island was victim to the Federations onslaught.

Cannon-fire rained down on every village decimating every structure and killing every person. Homes burned to ashes, people screamed in terror and pain as the flames consumed them until only the crackles of the burning homes remained.

Once the flames subsided and the Federation ships vanished, a stillness came over the villages. The voices of the Akrimar became quiet, their bodies still.

Out of the ashes of one of the homes, a young Akrimar emerged from the ashen rubble, injured. Covered in the ashen remnants of his people and village, this sole survivor glared at the Federation spacecrafts, leaving the skies of the island, with confusion, sadness, and hatred filling his beaten and burned body. The ashes of his people cover his once colored skin complexion and turn it pale.

This young Akrimar walks throughout his now burning destroyed village, passing by villagers charred bodies who were once his neighbors and friends. As he makes his way to the center of the village, he finds two familiar figures now dead and charred. The female figure held amulet around her neck, its charred but he immediately recognized it as his mothers amulet. He tried

He fell to his knees distraught, finding his parents bodies, sadness and anger filled his heart and his mind but no tears fell; hatred began to dominate to whole body until it subsided into a calmness more directed anger towards the one that took everything, the Federation.

He made a conviction that he will not stop until the Federation is wiped out and his home-world free from the Federation’s presence.



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