A Nation’s Civil War

AN essay about an ambiguous country exemplifying a political civil war.

A country that is a major political superpower among the other global powers. A country that is held as a free nation and that was founded as a free nation. A country that prided itself in having a dream of freedom of self and to find fortune for yourself.

But something was brewing within that country’s government, from the highest power, that was leading its people into a chaotic and damaging event. This dream the country painted was cracking and being chipped away every day.

A country that prides itself on its democratic election process. Two sides, two different ways of thinking always at odds with one another, were facing a turning point that will change its future forever.

In the past times, this country was always plagued by the indiscretions of those who came before. The use of domination and enslavement to further its objective was always justified by the notion of “For the greater good.”

Time and time again, history showed the people that you can only break the camel’s back so much until the camel strikes back. From criminal injustices to racial discrimination, this country has been embroiled with societal issues from day one.

The foundation of the country, a document that serves as a guide for its government to lead the country against tyranny and unlawful persecution, is in a tug-of-war battle of understanding. Some take the document as a literal piece that must be held by its exact words and cannot be interpreted any other way while others look at the document as a framework to expand the country as time goes on.

This particular country has already experienced one civil war, and it’s nearing another one with every second that passes.

A divided country will always fail!

The battle between the sides of tradition and progress rages on with no winner in sight, only those who suffer the consequences of the failing leaders.

But, the leaders that oversee the country have long plagued the country with their greed and underhanded behavior to the point of punishing those for crimes that these leaders themselves have committed.

From fraud to embezzling to tax evasion, the leaders who are in control of the economics are the main ones destroying it. The failings of the leaders are forgiven or forgotten but the failings of the people are marked and burned into them forever.

The people rely on a countries leaders to supply and revitalize the economy for the people to live in and thrive in, but due to the division of the countries party system the people cannot break free and thrive within their own means.

Even more so, when misinformation spreads like wildfire, the division spreads too. In a divided country, there has to be a good guy and a bad guy but determining who is good and who is bad is impossible to determine.

Gonna throw this random statistic on division of some random country *cough* *cough*


Thanks for reading

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