Who or What is The Grinch

So, we know the Grinch hated Christmas. His head could have been screwed on right or his shoes were too tight, but most likely it was because his heart was two sized too small.

We all know the traditional reasons for why the Grinch hated Christmas but what if the true reason he wasn’t meant to like Christmas.

In the 2000 live action movie when Cindy-Lou and her father were discussing the Grinch, Cindy-Lou asks her father why the Grinch is disliked. Her father says that the Grinch is a kind of Who who… with Cindy-Lou asking what? To which he says exactly!

So, my theory is that what if the father is correct, the Grinch is in fact a What not a Who.

A What is someone who just naturally hates celebrations and is full of grouches, scrooges, and ne’er-do-wells.

A What is surrounded by negative others who feel the same but are not violent or hostile, more passive aggressiveness.

So, we know that the people of Whoville are microscopic and that Whoville exists inside of a snowflake. We also know that, based on the 2000 live action movie, that the babies of Whoville are delivered to their parents by umbrella baskets.  

Therefore, theoretically, what if the Grinch was delivered to Whoville by accident and was supposed to go to another town entirely, Whatburg.

Nature vs Nurture

According to psycologytoday.com,

“Theorists and researchers have long battled over whether individual traits and abilities are inborn or are instead forged by experiences after birth. The debate has had broad implications: The real or perceived sources of a person’s strengths and vulnerabilities matter for fields such as education, philosophy, psychiatry, and clinical psychology. Today’s consensus—that individual differences result from a combination of inherited and non-genetic factors—strikes a more nuanced middle path between nature- or nurture-focused extremes.”

The Grinch grew up in a place that was different from his own self and could not understand the fascination of celebrations like Christmas. But, over the course of the story the Grinch develops an understanding of the warmth and generosity of Christmas thanks to Cindy-Lou Who.

The Grinch, who naturally was a grouch and who was made an outcast by the people of Whoville, grew up in a hostile place that could not accept him for who he was. It wasn’t until someone, Cindy-Lou, recognized that the Grinch was not who the people say he was, and that he was just not given a chance.

So, she gave him that chance and showed the Grinch that, given the chance, he could be something more.

The environment, in this case was Cindy-Lou, nurtured the Grinch into something else that could fit in their society. So, in this case the Grinch’s nature was influenced by the nurturing of the environment around him.

Merry Christmas

Happy Holidays


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