In/Spectre Ep. 12

image from She Who Defends Order With Iwanaga's final solution was a success as the people of the forum started to cling to the idea of Karin Nanase being alive and not the Steel Lady Nanase. Steel Lady Nanase is defeated, her existence is no more. With Steel Lady Nanase defeated, the yokai creatures… Continue reading In/Spectre Ep. 12

Soamli and the Forest Spirit Ep. 12

image from Bonded Father and Child Golem, Somali, and Shizuno are in quite the predicament. Somali is captured and Golem's arm was destroyed when he tried to use his power to save Somali. But as Somali cries and screams reached Golem, a more dark and ruthless power emerged. His eye turned red, black smoke… Continue reading Soamli and the Forest Spirit Ep. 12

Id: Invaded Ep. 13

image from Channeled II Sakaido and Hijiriido chase after Uraido through many different wells until they find him in an Id well full of red water with a giant baby-like monster in the center and sharks swimming around. Sakaido surprise attacks Uraido, but Uraido dodges out of the way, mocking Sakaido that if he… Continue reading Id: Invaded Ep. 13