Id: Invaded Ep. 13

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Channeled II

Sakaido and Hijiriido chase after Uraido through many different wells until they find him in an Id well full of red water with a giant baby-like monster in the center and sharks swimming around.

Sakaido surprise attacks Uraido, but Uraido dodges out of the way, mocking Sakaido that if he wanted to get the jump on a brilliant detective then Sakaido might want to be quiet.

Then Hijiriido appears from the water riding a shark and sends the shark to eat Uraido.

Soon after though Uraido rises from the water, repairs his injuries, and then proceeds to mock Sakaido and Hijiriido about their inferior plan to seek revenge.

But, Sakaido and Hijiriido very well knew that that would not be enough to take down Uraido. They retreat back to Hayaseura’s well and use a mask to travel to another Id well, Fukuda’s Id well.

There they take some time to chat with Uraido and let him bask in his arrogant self.

They start talking to him about the number 7. The number 7 has been popping up lately towards the end and it seems to have some connection to Hayaseura, Uraido.

Uraido tells Sakaido and Hijiriido that the 7 is the ultimate prime number. Hijiriido claims that Uraido must have a god complex as he tried to create seven serial killers who then killed seven people. And after those seven people, the serial killers were then caught or they killed themselves. Uraido says that he failed because Narihisago was hi eighth serial killer, but Hijiriido claims that Narihisago is not a serial killer but a serial suicide creator. Narihisago only killed one person, the Challenger, and the other killers were just led to kill themselves. Semantics, I guess.

Uraido then talks about how Narihisago saw justice in his actions, just like he sees justice in his actions. His motive for doing all of this, according to him, is for the rapid ability to catch and apprehend serial killers quicker before they commit more crimes or any crimes for that matter. Uraido states that justice is not a linear idea but instead is based on individual beliefs.

All the while Uraido is sitting in his “throne” talking and listening to Sakaido and Hijiriido, he has no idea what they are really planning.

Suddenly, Sakido’s hand falls from the sky and grabs Uraido’s throat. He is able to do this because in Fukuda’s Id well, everyone and everything winds up in pieces. Sakaido has no intention on killing him by strangling Uraido but only to secure him to the chair that Uraido is sitting on.

Hijiriido says that by Fukuda’s doing, he took the mizuhanome from another Id well, either Kiki’s or Narihisago’s, and planted it in his own. Hijiriido holds the control panel to the mizuhanome and then smashes it on the ground so that Uraido cannot be ejected.

Uraido, on the other hand, finds himself awakening inside an Id well just before he entered the mizuhanome.

Now, Uraido or Hayaseura now must forever live inside an id well where he failed and is arrested.

 John Walker, Uraido, Hayaseura, whatever his name is, he is finally caught and his twisted plan and his twisted sense of justice is now over.

All whats left is to stop Kiki Asukai and put an end to her ability. It all rest in Momoki’s hands.

Momoki struggles to make his way to Kiki Asukai, as her abilities have grown stronger to point that Momoki’s suit is having limited effect. Momoki finds Kiki Asukai staring out into the real world. She has been trapped acting as the catalyst for the mizuhanome and continuously being killed for a long time.

Kiki Asukai looks at Momoki and remembers him from when he rescued her from the Challenger. She also remembers that she was taken away by Hayaseura to become the catalyst for the mizuhanome.

She sees that Momoki is holding a gun and pointing it at her, but she is not scared. She understands that she must die for the people in the building to wake up from their comas. She even wants to die so that she could finally be free from her nightmares.

Momoki throws the gun away telling Kiki that he cannot kill her as he is a police officer that swore to protect people. Kiki walks over to the gun and tries to shoot herself with it but finds out that there were no bullets in it. Momoki had no intention of killing her.

Kiki Asukai understands that she is going to have to go back to sleep and remain in her nightmares so that the people can wake up. Kiki Asukai looks on the bright side of things, but is still upset about it, and agrees to go back as long as she can help people.

Momoki walks her back to her room, prison, but tells her that he will find a way to free her so that she may live her life on the outside instead of in her nightmares. He swears that someone will come and save her one day and that she should not give up hope.

As Kiki Asukai goes back to sleep, everyone wakes up and Narihisago and Hondomachi are ejected from their mizuhanomes.

Hondomachi goes to Fukuda’s body and checks to see if he is alive, but sadly he is dead. The people that died while inside the wells are forever in a coma, technically dead since they will never wake up.

Though the John Walker case has been wrapped up, that doesn’t mean that there aren’t any serial killers out there for the team to investigate. The next day comes and more crimes need solving. The secrets of what happened have been covered up and sealed, but Kura lives on and continues their work.

A new case awaits them and a new Id well is created.

Series Review:

The mystery behind John Walker and his identity propelled the series along, but at times at a snails pace. In many of the cases, John Walker just made an appearance and nothing else. It wasn’t until late-middle to the end of the series that the mystery really popped off with the identity of John Walker.

The character development of Narihisago really took a driving turn into real feelings when he was inside of his own well and seeing his family again. The mental struggle that he went through from knowing that this world was fake to accepting that this world was real, was a heavy plot knowing that when it all comes crashing down Narihisago will once again loose his family.

Regarding Hondomachi, not much was really done with her development, I find. Her character really didn’t go through a big change. I mean by that is that she willingly put the hole through her head but her personality didn’t really change. She was always an inquisitive person before she became a brilliant detective and after.

The mystery surrounding Kiki Asukai and her life was really gut wrenching. Knowing that every time you fell asleep, you would just be killed again and again would drive almost anyone insane, but Kiki remained strong throughout it all. And even in the end she accepted her fate and put her freedom in the hands of someone that she trusts in the hope that he will find a way to free her. It was almost a little romantic between Momoki and Kiki Asukai, whether it was intended that way I do not know.

Overall the show looked into the psychological hellscape of serial killer’s minds and what drives them to do the things they do. It also looks into the idea on true justice.

Is justice right or wrong when it is for an individual or for everyone? Should justice come at the cost of others or be free from any consequence?

Those are some questions that I feel this series really looked into, mainly towards the end but still. It was an interesting series that looked into the psychology of two opposing forces, criminals and justice, and really made you look at who are and what they are.

Thanks for reading.

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