In/Spectre Ep. 12

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She Who Defends Order

With Iwanaga’s final solution was a success as the people of the forum started to cling to the idea of Karin Nanase being alive and not the Steel Lady Nanase.

Steel Lady Nanase is defeated, her existence is no more.

With Steel Lady Nanase defeated, the yokai creatures are no safe from the dangers of Steel Lady Nanase. They come out from hiding to praise and cheer for Iwanaga for ridding the real world and the yokai world of the Steel Lady Nanase.

After the celebration of their success is over, Iwanaga collapses from over exhaustion. Kuro and Saki drive Iwanaga back to her hotel room where she can rest. Kuro and Saki go to a nearby restaurant to talk.

Kuro and Saki mainly talk about Rikka and her overall plan. Saki and Kuro discuss Rikka plan to continue creating monsters until she manages to create a god. This god would be able to change the fate of anyone including the fate that was forced on Rikka, her immortality.

Rikka wants to rid herself of her immortality and become a normal human again. She will not stop until she achieves her goal, and Kuro believes that Rikka will target Iwanaga as she is the only one that truly stands in Rikka’s way.

After he and Saki are finished talking with one another, Kuro took his leave of Saki and telling her that they will probably never see each other again. After Saki left, Kuro returned to Iwanagas’s room where she has been sleeping for 28 hours.

Iwanaga was taking a shower when Kuro entered her room. A comedic moment occurs with Iwanaga, who is only in a bath towel, jumping on Kuro and making sure that nothing happened between him and Saki.

In the morning, Kuro and Iwanaga head out.

They take a walk and talk about their life going further. This ending scene is more of a development scene with Kuro openly revealing that he does care for Iwanaga and see her as a girlfriend and someone that he must protect.

The case with Steel Lady Nanase may be over, Rikka is still a threat and will be a threat for Kuro and Iwanaga unless she is stopped. But for now Kuro and Iwanaga can rest knowing that balance between the human world and the yokai world is safe.

Overall Review:

A lot of the main plot of Steel Lady Nanase seemed to be able to be summed up in a few episodes instead of prolonging the plot to make it last 12 episodes. Though the Steel Lady Nanase story line is an interesting plot, it didn’t need to dragged out like it did. Some of the details in Iwanaga’s solutions were repeated over and over.

The character development really centered around Kuro and Iwanaga’s relationship. In the beginning, Kuro was dating Saki until she witnessed the truth with Kuro and his effect on other yokai. Her fear of him grew too much for her to handle and then ended their relationship.

Kuro then started to date Iwanaga who knew what he was and accepted him regardless. At first, their relationship was more one sided but over time we witnessed Kuro actually caring for Iwanaga in his own way. In the end, we see Kuro and Iwanaga really show being a couple and see their future together.

Again overall, the anime was an interesting story but ended up dragging the plot along with repeated information. A world that is focused on mythological creatures, the show did not utilize those creatures. With no confirmation of a season 2, the expansive world of the yokai and Rikka’s next monster remains unknown.

For a supernatural mystery combining two worlds, the human and the yokai, the show is interesting enough to be a worth while watch but it does feel a bit prolonged in its explanation, especially towards the last few episodes.

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