Soamli and the Forest Spirit Ep. 12

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Bonded Father and Child

Golem, Somali, and Shizuno are in quite the predicament. Somali is captured and Golem’s arm was destroyed when he tried to use his power to save Somali. But as Somali cries and screams reached Golem, a more dark and ruthless power emerged. His eye turned red, black smoke seeped out of his skin, and spikes started to sprout from all over his body. Then Golem activated a weapon from inside of him that exposed his life core and summoned fire wisps around his chest.

Though he may say that he has no emotions, it is clear that Golem is pissed and will do everything in his power to save Somali even at the cost of his life.

Golem launched the fire wisps at the hunters and Rosa scaring them off, but Golem was not done yet. He chased after them and took each and eliminated them.

As Golem was about to take out Rosa, Yabashira managed to finally catch up and was able to stop Golem from killing Rosa. But to be honest, Yabashira should of let Golem kill her for what she was about to do to Somali.

Yabashira tried to snap Golem back to himself but was dismissed. Then brave little Somali stepped in to stop Golem. Yabashira and Shizuno tried to tell Somali to get out of the way, but Somali was positive that her father would not hurt her.

And right she was. Golem snapped to his old self but due to the fatigue of his transformation, Golem collapsed.

It wan’t until the next day that Golem woke up. He woke up to Somali sleeping on top of him, waiting for him to wake. And when Somali woke up to see that he was finally awake, she was bursting with tears as she hugged him.

Once everyone was ready to leave, they continued on their journey. Along the way Shizuno inquired about Golem’s current status and his remaining time but due to his transformation and the condition his body is in, he is uncertain.

Golem also mentioned to Shizuno that because of his condition, it may be best for him to leave Somali in Shizuno and Yabashira’s care. Shizuno did not object reminding Golem that he and Yabashira will take care of Somali when and if the time comes for Golem to cease functioning.

Eventually they made their way to a small town where the town was celebrating a harvest festival. Somali was enthralled with the liveliness of the people and what they were celebrating. This festival was to celebrate their lost family members and their journey on to the next life. Soon after, a parade was starting and Somali wanted to see it, but she was too short and could not get a great view.

Yabashira stepped in, lifted her up so that she could see the parade. Golem remained in the back as he saw Somali happy in the arms of Yabashira, knowing that if he were to disappear then Somali would be taken care of.

With Somali distracted, Golem quietly vanished.

Somali, heart-broken and worried, started to look for her father. She could not believe that Golem would leave her. She made her way into the nearby forest. She stumbled over roots and rocks as tears filled her eyes trying to look for her father.

Somali finds her father near a lake. She runs to him, crying, asking him why he left her and for what reason. She asked Golem if she did something wrong, and if she did then she was sorry. Golem tells her that is not her fault but instead is his. He worries that he will lose control again and will hurt Somali.

Somali tells Golem that she knows he cares for her and won’t get mad, to which Golem responds that he has no emotion and therefore cannot get mad. Somali refutes that saying that she knows he has emotions because of the love and kindness that he has shown her along their journey. The fear that Golem has had when Somali gets lost, the caring the he has when she got sick or hurt. Somali knows that Golem has emotions.

Golem accepts the truth that he has a heart and has emotions. Somali then says that she doesn’t want to be alone ever again and wishes to stay with Golem forever. Golem bends down, hugs Somali and tells her that he wishes to be with her forever too.

Golem promises to stay together forever.

For every additional minute, every second I can. Even if I am reduced to a soul. For all eternity.” – Golem.

Overall Series Review

First off, the scenery and imagery in this show is incredible. The colors that surround the characters are subtle and somewhat smokey but those same colors blend really well with the bright and noticeable colors of the characters. Neither one is standing out beyond the other, nor are they blended together so that the characters get lost in the other.

The two main characters, Golem and Somali, definitely feed off of one another and the journey together is not just an individual growth but a bonded growth as well. The other characters throughout the series do not take focus off of Somali or Golem, but instead play off of their faults and allow that fault to grow and nurture into something else.

The entire series was an experience of emotions that most shows do not do. A lot of anime’s show high-octane action to drive the story, but this anime instead relied on the feeling and emotions of the characters and audience.

Somali’s past was hard and lonely, Golem’s was empty and with no purpose, but fateful meeting and their life together, though unconventional, was what each one needed to fill that loneliness and emptiness.

It has been a long time since a show has made me tear up to the point of full crying, but this show did it. A great story with great characters makes this anime worth a watch for anyone. This show will remain in my heart and mind for a long time.

Thanks for reading.

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