Life and Writing

Over the past few months, life has taken quite a few unexpected turns. Some good and some bad, but all have made me take a look into my mental state in regards to my writing.

I have been struggling to find what I want the overall blog to be. The weekly anime reviews was too much of a schedule to keep up with, and if I fall behind then it feels very down-letting. I also feel as though some of my thoughts do not flow with one another and become very sporadic. To battle that, I think I will start writing my thoughts on the entire series or season.

I also have been writing an article for my town newspaper and trying to get that published. Good news is that it will be published in the coming week. Also with the pandemic there has been a lot of stress and anxiety that has been clouding my mind.

I want the blog to be about many aspects of entertainment, writing, and life.

Just like how everything else around us changes, the blog must change too.

I want the blog to be an escape that I can come to and write about anything and everything that pops in my head.

Inside of my head is a mess of chaotic stories that I want out. I want to write these stories but I also want to expand my writing to many other forms or styles.

My writing will evolve and my blog will evolve until I find that sweet spot of what and how I write. Stories will always be my main focus, but everything else will evolve and change as I need it to.

I have been away from the blog for what seems to be far too long and I expect that to change. Thank you for reading.

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