Id: Invaded Ep. 12

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Kiki Asukai was awakened and let loose by by Takuhiko Hayaseura. Hayaseura kept Kiki and used her to create the mizuhanome technology. Kiki Asukai acts as the catalyst for entering the Id wells, which would explain why she appears in every Id well represented by Kaeru.

Hayaseura makes his way to where Narihisago, Fukuda, and Hondomachi are in, while Kiki Asukai walks the halls of the building transporting people into different wells. This is because each well is like a dream for Kiki and she has the ability to transport her dreams into others minds, this is just a much more powerful version of this ability.

Hayaseura confronts Narihisago, Fukuda, and Hondomachi and shoots Narihisago as he tries to aggressively leap toward Hayaseura. Hayaseura then proceeds to shoot himself, as he has no intention on being arrested and going to jail.

Hayaseura reveals that he became John Walker to make Kura, his investiagtion organization, the greatest resource and operation to catch serial killers forever. If it means creating serial killers along the way, then that is just one minor flaw in the greater scheme of Kura.

He takes a seat inside the mizuhanome that Fukuda was sitting in and dives into his own Id well. Narihisago and Hondomachi decide to dive in and follow Hayaseura and ask Fukuda to follow too. Unfortunately, before Fukuda could follow he was caught under Kiki’s power and knocked unconscious.

Now inside of Hayaseura’s Id well, Hayaseura, the brilliant detective Uraido, looks upon a field of masks that go on forever and the dead body of Kaeru. Because his real body is dead he is able to realize who he really is without the Id well collapsing.

He also sees that he is holding a bloody knife and that the killing of Kaeru, that he was supposed to be figuring out the who killed her, was caused by him.

Narihisago, Sakaido, and Hondomachi, Hijiriido, are caught by Uraido but before Sakaido and Hijiriido could do anything, Uraido used one the masks to leap to a different well. Sakaido and Hijiriido follow after him. It’s time for a game of cat and mouse.

Meanwhile on the outside, Momoki and Matsuoka try to figure out how they are going to stop Kiki Asukai. They go to a lab that works alongside Kura and locates a prototype mizuhanome that may allow them to avoid the effects of Kiki’s ability influence and stop her. They theorize that putting Kiki in a mizuhanome will stop her effects on the outside world and be bale to contain her abilities.

Sakaido and Hijiriido manage to track Uraido to the Id well with the drills raining down from the sky, Hondomachi’s well, which causes a storm inside of the well. Hondomachi then tells Sakaido that he needs to find his own Id well and remember who he really is. With both of them unlocking their full memories, they may stand a chance at taking down Uraido.

Before she could hit the ground, Fukuda catches her. Hondomachi greets Fukuda and they make their way into the middle of the storm so that they can escape from this well and return to Hayaseura’s well. But they are not alone, Nahosi Inami, who was transported into the Id wells by Kiki, follows after them.

Hijiriido and Fukuda make it back to the Hayaseura’s Id well, which Fukuda does not stay as long as he tells Hijiriido that he plans on going to other Id wells, mainly Hondomachi’s well. As Hijiriido looks around the masks around her, in the distance Inami points a gun, that she grabbed from the security guard that was watching her before they were transported, at Hijiriido and fires. But Fukuda manages to jump in front of the bullet saving Hijiriido.

Though, I do not think that Hijiriido would have died, I just think that she would have woken up in the chair of the mizuhanome. But upon waking up, maybe she would have been transported back inside of the Id wells but as Hondomachi not Hijiriido. I don’t know, just a thought I had.

Anyway, Fukuda laid on the ground bleeding out.

He is technically not dead but instead in a coma, but although he may be alive physically, his mind is dead and cannot go back to his body. So technically he is dead, brain dead. Probably?

As Inami looks upon the dead Fukuda, she basks in her achievement of killing who she sees as Hijiriido’s “man,” although they have no relationship like that, no confirmed relationship anyway.

Then Inami picks up the mask of her dead lover’s Id well, Haruka Kazuta, and transports to it. Inside of the well, she sees Haruka and is happy to be with him once again. But soon, Haruka tells her that a monster is near and immediately after Haruka says that, Inami is stuck in the back by a knife, held by John Walker.

Instant karma.

Soon after, Sakiado returns with his memories in tact and ready to stop Uraido, John Wlaker, Hayaseura, too many different names for the same person.

To be continued in the next episode…

There is a post credit scene of Momoki dressing up in some gear resembling a bomb suit fitted with the prototype and making his way into the building to hopefully put a stop to Kiki Asukai from the outside. Hopefully, with Sakaido and Hijiriido on the inside and Momoki on the outside, they can safely stop Kiki and put an end to Uraido.

Thanks for reading.

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