In/Spectre Ep. 9

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The Committee to Conquer Steel Lady Nanase

*Notice: My computer is having issues playing only episode 9 of In/Spectre, I don’t know why, so there will be no images from me for this episode.*

Okay, so this is probably going to be a short review post. Much of what happens is mostly re explaining what Iwanaga is going to do.

While Kuro deals with the physical confrontation with Steel Lady Nanase, Iwanaga deals with the online confrontation. She must prove to the forum that the Steel Lady Nanase is nothing more than a fictional story made up by someone.

She has four solutions that should prove that Steel Lady Nanase is fake. Her first solution is to prove that Detective Terada’s murder was not done by the Steel Lady Nanase but instead by a real flesh and blood person. Iwanaga continued to explain that the way Terada died was not done by a steel beam but instead a cinder block tied in a pendulum swing contraption.

Iwanaga explained that the person who killed Terada must have been an acquaintance of his and also a fellow co-worker, and a close co-worker at that. This co-worker must have been a woman due to the way that Terada’s face was smashed in by the cinder block.

So to some it up, the “real” killer must be a woman co-worker that lured Terada to the location to kill Terada. Well, this killer is sounding like Saki.

Saki realizes this and yells at Iwanaga for making her the killer, but Iwanaga states that Saki is the only viable person instead of blaming an unknown person.

Iwanaga also tells Saki that this is just one proposed solution to the four overall. The overall forum does not take the first solution but it has weakened the argument, just a little.

Then the supposed man that encountered Steel Lady Nanase personally chimes in to tell about his car accident involving Steel Lady Nanase. This is the same car accident that was one of the first encounters and one of the first accidents.

Her next solution is going to have to prove that the Steel Lady Nanase encounters are mere fiction.


The story is moving along with the Steel Lady Nanase, but it is dragging more and more. I do appreciate the details that go into the solutions, but some of it seems like it could be dialed in more of a summary instead of flushed out in detail and detail and detail.

This late in the anime, it just seems more of a way to extend the story until the last episode. The series is seemingly going well, so the likelihood of a second season is probably high.


Thanks for reading.

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