In/Spectre Ep. 4

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Idol Dies by Steel Beam

Saki takes Kotoko back to her apartment to treat her minor injuries but mostly to talk about the Steel Lady Nanase. They also talk about Kuro and the relationship between him and Kotoko.

Kotoko claims that she and Kuro are a couple, but Saki has her doubts. Kotoko even shows Saki pictures proving that they are in fact a couple.

Well, it looks like their relationship is one-sided.

After questioning Kotoko about Kuro’s whereabouts and their relationship, Kotoko eventually reveals that Kuro has disappeared and has not responded to Kotoko’s calls in some time.

After they are done talking, Saki tells Kotoko to be careful with dealing with Steel Lady Nanase in her condition, meaning her one eye and one leg. Kotoko tells her that it is for that very reason that she will be just fine.

Kotoko leaves in a glorious fashion — on top of a giant skeleton yokai.

After Kotoko leaves, Saki does some research into the Steel Lady Nanase. She finds out that her real name is Haruko Nanase but her stage name is Karin Nanase.

One day, Karin was scouted by the president of some studio and made her an idol. She was not too popular until she stared in a magical girl TV show. The show was a huge success and Karin became a huge star.

Well after she rose to fame tragedy struck. Her father died of an apparent accident, but a few months later some messages from her late father popped up blaming Karin for his death. Karin and her father did not have a good relationship and the father believed that Karin would one day kill him because she saw him as a failure.

Also her father apparently had a life insurance policy on him. So suspicion quickly rose against her and her fame took a nose dive.

Karin had to lay low for a while. She traveled from hotel to hotel to avoid the press. Her last stay was in Makurazaka City for a few day after her arrival, she died.

When her body was found, it was unrecognizable. The only way that the police were able to ID the victim was by her identification card in her wallet. She also had a room key in her wallet that also corroborated her identity with her belongings in the hotel room.

Her death was ruled an accident but there was a shed of doubt that it might have been murder, but no evidence could prove otherwise.

The next day Saki converses with Detective Terada about Steel Lady Nanase. Saki poses a thought to Terada that the Steel Lady Nanase might in fact be a ghost. Terada agrees that it could be a possibility, but that the legends on ghosts do not add up with Steel lady Nanase.

If Steel Lady Nanase was a ghost, why would she be dress in her idol outfit and attack people randomly with no provocation. Most ghost who are vengeful attack a person or people based on how they die to seek revenge for their death, but Nanase just attacks randomly.

Meanwhile, Kotoko is doing her own research on the case, but she seems to be having difficulty finding enough information. Looks like she is going to have to ask Saki for the case files on Karin Nanase if she is going to find out a way to confront Steel Lady Nanase.

Instead of going to Saki directly, Kotoko sends some yokai spirits to Saki’s place to convince her to meet with Kotoko. Saki agrees to meet with Kotoko and lend her help since both are investigating the Steel Lady Nanase case and will undoubtedly need each others help if the Steel Lady Nanase is to be stopped.

The yokai tell Saki that Kotoko is at a restaurant waiting for Saki.

But before Saki could even make it to the restaurant, Kotoko was visited by a little boy spirit who told Kotoko that the Steel Lady Nanase was spotted nearby. Without waiting for Saki, Kotoko rushed to the area where the Steel Lady Nanase was last seen.

When she found Steel Lady Nanase, she was fighting with some guy. Kotoko rushed over to make sure the man does not get killed but is surprised to find out that the man in danger is Kuro.

What is Kuro doing and why is her fighting Steel Lady Nanase?



Though the anime seems to be on the darker side, it doesn’t stray too long until it throws some comedy in it to lighten it up a bit.

The show itself is more of a gloomy dull palette but that adds to the seriousness to the current case and severity of the event that the characters are faced in.

The dynamic of the three main characters are a key driving point in each character’s development with Saki validating her reason for dumping Kuro with herself and to Kotoko, and with Kotoko aiming for her desires by not giving up on making Kuro her boyfriend. The only character that we haven’t seen much of yet is Kuro, except for his messed up past of consuming yokai to gain immortality, but I am sure his development with Kotoko and Saki will come in due time.

In the meantime, the show is making itself intriguing and never boring as it tries to uncover the mystery along with the viewer.


Thanks for reading.

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