Plunderer Ep. 5

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Don’t Apologize, Apologize!

The fight between Licht and Jail continue.

Jail seems to have the upper hand in most of the fight, though it seems Licht is not fighting serious. Jail is the only one doing the damage around them, while Licht seems to be avoiding causing damage.

While Licht and jail are fighting, Lynne cannot stand back anymore and tries to intervene, but…

…she gets stuck. So cute and goofy.

Licht tries to use his speed to get behind Jail, but Licht is too slow for Jail as he counters and appears behind Licht.

Jail knocks Licht’s sword out of his hand, only to return it back to him telling Licht that he is going to need it if he is going to stand a chance at keeping up with Jail.

Quite arrogant Jail is.

The only trick that Licht has left is his aerial move. Licht jumps high into the air and prepares to strike at Jail.

All is for not, as Jail manages to stop Licht from his attack and also retrain him in the process.

Once captured, Jail questions Licht about his count and his claim about being a Legendary Ace. Jail was also suspicious of Licht’s fighting style.

Licht was questioned on whether he was in the military and deserted, and about how he can claim to be a Legendary Ace where the Ace’s were around 300 years ago. Licht never answers and tells Jail to ask his superior officers.

The mystery behind Licht and his past deepens more and more.

With Jail’s questions not being answered, he relied on more drastic ways to get them. He created an iron beaded whip to torture Licht until he spoke but as he was about to strike Licht, Lynne stepped in front of Licht shielding Licht.

Jail scolded Lynne for defending a fugitive and asked why she would do such a thing. Lynne told Jail that though the military sees Licht as a fugitive, Licht was kind to the people of this city and even helped a little girl whose doll was broken.

Jail again scolded Lynne that though the town was peaceful, she needs to do her job and stop slacking off. Jail walks over to one of the flyers that Lynne was trying to pass around to create a playground for the children, and he tore it up right in front of her.

A devastated Lynne begins to tear up.

Immediately, Licht spoke out to Jail telling him that the reason why the town is so peaceful is because of Lynne and her hark work. The reason why there is no trouble in this town is because Lynne is right there to fix it and make it better.

Licht also told Jail that he has been hiding a lot of power because he didn’t want to bring ruin to the town that Lynne loves so much. But he will no longer allow Jail to treat Lynne’s hard work with ill any longer. Licht demanded that jail apologize to Lynne, right now!

Licht breaks free and engages Jail with seriousness and power.

Licht and Jail clash with intense power.

Due to the power, the ground around them starts to break. The townspeople are able to get to safety, but Lynne is caught up in the ground breaking and the ground beneath her sends her plummeting off the cliff.

Jail stops his attack and tries to save Lynne, but Licht is one step ahead of him. Licht saves Lynne and tosses her up to Jail as Licht falls to ground below, vanishing from sight.

With Lynne now safe, Jail reflects on the words that Licht spoke of about Lynne. He looks at the flyer that he tore up and realized that he was the wrong in the eyes of the people.

Jail, using his power, creates a playground for the children to play on, and tells Lynne that it is not permanent and that they must get the materials to create a playground using his playground as a mold.

Perhaps jail is not entirely a bad person.

Jail tells Lynne that once the playground is finished, he will be going after Licht and that he wants Lynne to go with him. Lynne happily accepts and rushes off to start work on the playground for the children. She finally gets the playground that she has wanted for the children at last.

After the end credits, we see Licht safe and sound once again moving on to who knows where.


Jail is an interesting character that looks to becoming serious adversary to Licht. He may look to be an uptight military lamb that follows any order, but in reality he doesn’t agree with some things that the military makes him do.

With Licht his past and his powers remain the mystery behind him, while his overall character is just a perverted comedic man, at least for now.

I hope we see more of Lynne in future episodes, as her introduction is a pleasant watch and her character is interesting too.


Thanks for reading.

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