Plunderer Ep. 4

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After Nana’s bar was destroyed, the only thing Nana could do was rebuild and move on. I mean do you really think that the military will pay for the damages?


Anyways, Nana and Hina, who is now a full-time worker at Nana’s bar, rebuild the bar and begin to travel west to find Licht.

Speaking of Licht, he is once again gotten himself in some trouble with Lyne and is being chased by her all throughout town.

Throughout most of the interactions between Licht and Lyne, it’s more of a comedy routine and not much else. It is funny and comical to watch Lyne chase Lich, in a pudding suit, and get teased by the townspeople. Though Licht is a felon, he is not disturbing the peace and not causing any problems, well except to poor Lyne.

Lyne does reveal that her biggest interest in capturing Licht is to get promoted and get to design her own uniform, one without the mini skirt. She is tired of flashing her panties to everyone in town, though the townspeople don’t mind.

But as the townspeople gathered around as Lyne began chasing after Licht again, all smiling and laughing, Licht suddenly turned around yelling at her to stop and pushing her out of the way of the large iron spikes that erupted from the ground.

The iron spike surround Licht and captures him, preventing him from moving even an inch. These iron spike belong to none other than the four-eyed Lieutenant.

Lyne runs up to Licht, in tears, thinking that he is dead and tells the Lieutenant that the orders were to arrest Licht not kill him.

The Lieutenant, who’s name is revealed to be Jail, tells Lyne that Licht is faking.

Licht pops up, escapes from the spikes, and tears his pudding costumes apart revealing his his true appearance.

I guess his sword is hidden inside of the giant spoon.

Anyway, jail has his men attack Licht, but Lyne is put in danger as the soldiers just attack wildly. Licht is forced to protect Lyne and keep her from harm.

The only thing that the soldiers manage to do is break the spoon that housed Licht’s sword and piss off Licht for putting Lyne in danger.

Lichts attacks the soldiers and knocks them to the ground. jail tells his men to stand down as he will take care of Licht.

The battle between Licht and jail rages on, but is kind one-sided as Licht has no interest in fighting Jail.

Licht tries to use his immense speed to escape, but Jail is surprisingly faster for someone’s count being lower than Lichts. Licht’s count is technically 5700, due to his sword, while Jail’s count is only 900, or is it?

Jail appears in front of Licht in a blink of an eye and uses his power to bring forth a large iron beam to send Licht back to the ground and crush him.

Licht states to jail that it’s impossible to be that strong and that fast with such a low count.

Jail explains that he does not agree with the military when it comes to counts and promotions. If a military personnel’s count gets too high, they are forced into a promotion. Jail reveals that his count is a lie and that his actual count is….


Licht might be in trouble, and the fight seems to just have begun.


Thanks for reading.

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