In/Spectre Ep. 3

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The Rumors of the Steel Lady

So, continuing with the body in the swamp, Kotoko tries to satisfy the giant serpent on why the body was dumped in the swamp and why Aoi whispered, “I hope they find you.”

Well, Kotoko can only give a hypothesis on the motive. She tells the serpent that what Aoi was really wanting the police to find was the corpse of her dead baby. Kotoko says that Aoi was pregnant with her boyfriend’s baby but could not bare to have the baby of someone who betrayed her.

While at her home by the mountains, she suffered a miscarriage and dumped the body into the swamp. Years later, when the truth was uncovered that Machii did not betray her and was not embezzling money, she was horrified at what she did and thought about Machii.

Kotoko then told the serpent that because it has other yokai clean up the swamp, the fetus corpse was probably taken as trash.

All in all, this is a hypothesis by Kotoko who is piecing together information that she got from the files and from the other yokai who watched and listened over Aoi in her detaining cell.

An interesting story but kinda pointless as this story has nothing to do with progressing the story.

The real story starts as two years has passed.

A man is shown driving in a rain storm, when suddenly a woman in a red frill short dress holding a steel beam suddenly appearing in front of him and causing him to crash into the water below.

Saki Yumihara, now a police officer, is approached by Detective Terada and is questioned about the rumors surrounding this appearance and many others like it.

The public have come to call this ghost Steel Lady Nanase, after the idol Karin Nanase who died about a year ago from being crushed by a steel beam.

Though Terada seems to think that this is all just a prank and doesn’t believe that the Steel Lady Nanase is an actual ghost, Saki thinks otherwise.

Due to the events with Kuro two years ago, she has no doubt that Steel Lady Nanase is real.

As Saki was walking home from work, she runs into Kotoko is sort of falling down the hill and crashes into Saki.

Saki helps Kotoko up, but cannot help but be curious at her outfit and who she may be. Saki can sense a strangeness coming from her, but she cannot put her finger on it.

Then all of a sudden Kotoko tells Saki to run away.


Well the Steel Lady Nanase is right in front of them.

Tired of running away from the things she fears, Saki runs toward the Steel Lady Nanase and tries punching her, but her hand goes right through her. Well she is a ghost, so yeah that’s gonna happen.

Kotoko jumps in and protects Saki, but this time Kotoko is able to land hits on Steel Lady Nanase, probably because of her connection with the yokai and being a bridge between the yokai world an the human world.

Kotoko lands a good hit on Steel Lady Nanase, but her prosthetic leg comes undone. Saki is able to catch Kotoko before she can fall to the ground.

They both watch as the Steel Lady Nanase vanishes in a black swirling smoke.

After the fight, Kotoko explains to Saki, without knowing who she really is, that she should just forget everything that she saw and not contact the police. Unaware that Saki is the police, Kotoko is shocked not only to find out that Saki is the police but also that Saki is the ex-girlfriend of Kuro.

Kotoko states that is she knew who Saki was in the beginning, she might not have saved Saki, saying it kind of jokingly. She also tells Saki that she is Kuro’s current girlfriend.

Saki clenches her fist, and hits Kotoko upside the head. I guess Saki did not like finding that out whether it is real or a joke.

And then….


Now we get to the real plot and substance of the anime.

Saki is reintroduced and her connection to the Steel Lady Nanase case is established,a s well as her meeting with Kotoko.

This case looks to be an interesting one that is going to bring Kotoko, Saki, and Kuro together whether they like it or not.


Thanks for reading.

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