In/Spectre Ep. 11

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The Ultimate Fiction

Solution #4

The final solution revolves around Iwanaga claiming that the culprit behind the Steel Lady Nanase is actually Karin Nanase, real name Haruko Nanase. The claim continues on saying that Haruko found someone that looked very similar to herself and used her as a body double. That Karuko manipulated this girl into pretending to be someone else and then killing the girl to fake her own death so that she could escape from the rumors and gossips.

Okay, so that may explain the culprit and what really happened to Karin Nanase, but what about the Steel Lady Nanase? How does that explain the creation and existence of Steel Lady Nanase?

Well, the people of the forum started to chime in more and more about why they thought Steel Lady Nanase even existed. Iwanaga just sat back and watched as the forum chat created its own explanation.

The people of the forum chatseemed to be invested and enjoying coming up with reasons that Steel Lady Nanase exists.

Many believed that Karin Nanase became the Steel Lady Nanase to confirm to people, who may not immediately believed that she died, proof of her demise.

All the while this is going on, Kuro is still fighting Steel Lady Nanase, who is becoming weaker from the people of the forum coming up with conclusions that the Steel Lady Nanase is fake.

With the Steel Lady Nanase weakening every second, it looks like Iwanaga did it. Well, not yet. She says that she has not delivered her final blow to end the Steel Lady Nanase and Rikka.

The final blow is revealing that Karin Nanse is not only the creator of the Steel Lady Nanase ghost but also the creator of the wiki page.

The interesting part is that if Rikka comments that that is a lie, then its up to Rikka to prove who the real creator is, thus, revealing that Rikka is the creator and the person behind the murder of Terada.

The people in the forum are eating that lie up like moths to a flame.

Now all what Iwanaga need to do is link her other solutions to Karin Nanase, which is not going to be that hard because Iwanaga already laid the ground work for this reveal earlier.

Iwanaga proceeds to say that Karin was out scouting her next Steel Lady Nanase appearance when Terada stopped her, since she was the only person on the lone and empty roadway. After questioning her a little about where she is going, Terada realized that he had seen her face before in case files. He realized that she is Karin Nanase, the idol that is supposed to be dead. With Terada shocked by this, this gave Karin the chance to strike Terada over the head and knock him unconscious. Karin then staged the crime seen to look like the Steel Lady Nanase ghost killed him.

And with that, the forum leads in the direction that Karin Nanse is not just alive but also the admin behind the wiki page of the Steel Lady Nanase and the killer of Terada. Rikka could try to dispute this claim, but the people in the forum are to into the Karin Nanase alive and is the admin claim. Rikka lost.

The existence of Steel Lady Nanase is about to come to an end.

Though I felt like these last few episode have really been dragging along, it was an interesting story. It goes to show the power behind social media and media itself.

Now, luckily Karin Nanase is actually dead and all of this was a fictional plot to get rid of the Steel lady Nanase, it is still kind of damning to Karin Nanase’s name. Iwanaga just dragged Karin Nanse’s name in the mud, whether or not it was for good intentions, Karin Nanase was just blamed falsifying her death, killing some random girl to help fake her death, and killing a police officer. Though its only on a forum page, the range in which social media spread can be a dangerous thing if the wrong information gets out and many people start to believe it.

Thanks for reading.

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