Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 11

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Those Who Protect and Those Who Threaten

This is Golem and Yabashira’s last day working as bodyguards. The innkeeper’s wife approaches them and make idle chat with them asking when they are leaving and what route they would be taking. She then tells Golem that she knows of a safer route that only the villagers know that is much safer.

Yeah right. I predict an ambush in their near future.

When Golem and Yabashira make it back to the cabin, Somali greets Golem and gives him the present that Somali has been working on for days, the bracelet. And to Somali’s surprise, Golem has a present for her too, a bracelet. Though Golem did not make it himself, Somali is still very happy that Golem got her a present.

How cute, like father like daughter.

Yabashira says that he will start preparing dinner, but Shizuno interrupts and says that there is an important thing that they must do first. Shizuno leads them outside, gathers up snow into a ball, and tosses it at Somali. Somali and Shizuno proceed to have a snowball fight.

After a few minutes, Somali is in trouble by the barrage of snowballs from Shizuno. So, she tactically retreats behind Golem and asks for backup. Golem then gathers snow for a devastating attack against Shizuno.

Shizuno retreats to Yabashira and the giant snowball manages to catch both Shizuno and Yabashiro. Then Yabashira joins in the fight. The snowball fight goes on with everyone enjoying themselves, especially Somali.

During the night, Golem spots a few hunter men, using his enhanced eyes, approaching the cabin. These hunters make comments about capturing a small human.

Golem immediately wakes up everyone and tells Yabashira that they need to leave. Well the only person that did not know that Somali was a human was Yabashira, which surprises him to find out Somali’s true identity.

Yabashira is conflicted for just a brief moment but realizes that Somali is still Somali, the one who loves his sweets and is the kind happy child that he has known. Yabashira agrees to protect Somali.

The hunters break into the cabin but only find Yabashira standing in the kitchen, and then they begin looking for Somali. They find no trace of a human but before they could question Yabashira, he attacks one of the men, takes one of the horses, and flees. The men follow Yabashira as he leads them far away from Somali.

Meanwhile, Golem, Somali, and Shizuno are inside an abandoned mine out of the immediate danger.

As they traverse the mine, it is not long after they are tracked down once again by hunters, different one this time, and are blocked form an escape thanks to a broken bridge in front of them. Golem does not hesitate, grabs Shizuno and Somali, and jumps down the ravine that the bridge was built to cross over.

Golem prevents them from crashing at the bottom by using his armored wings to slow down their decent. Once safely at the bottom, Golem comments to himself that the creaks and cracks of his body will not stop making noise. Though he is concerned about his body, he knows that they must get to safety before more hunters catch up to them.

They continue on toward the exit and right when they were about to reach the exit, a shadowy figure appears before them.

It’s Rosa, the innkeeper’s wife and the one who told them about the route through the mine. Also we know that this was all set up by this woman so that she could capture Somali and presumably eat her.

Though they think they are safe, they do not know how much danger they are actually in.

Rosa leads Golem, Somali, and Shizuno to a dead end and closes a large gate behind them, trapping them.

Then more hunters appears behind Rosa and Rosa tells the hunters to get the preparation for Somali started. While the hunters get ready, Rosa tells Golem, Somali, and Shizuno a story from when she was a girl.

One day a small human boy was attacked by wild wolves but a monster saved the boy and brought him back to the boys village. But once the boy was returned home, the monster was shot and killed. After that tension rose between the humans village and the monsters village. They began attacking one another, each side viewing one another with prejudice and hatred. From then on, the monsters began enslaving and treating the humans as delicacies.

Once the preparations were complete, the hunters went to take Somali. Shizuno tried to stand in their way but was struck by one of hunters.

Golem, who did not want to use anymore of his powers because it would lessen his life, could no longer stand back and let the hunters take Somali away from him. Golem activated his defenses in his arm, creating claws and spikes going up his arm but as soon as his arm activated, his arm broke off.

His body was too damaged and frail for Golem to exert his power. Golem collapsed on the floor, unable to get up while the hunters grabbed Somali.

The hunters put Somali on their operating table, ready to cut her into pieces for the monsters to eat. As Somali cried and screamed, Golem could only lay on the floor helpless. But hearing Somali’s screams activated something deep inside of Golem that transformed his body.

Golem will not stand by and let Somali come to any harm, even if it means he has to sacrifice his body to do so.

Thanks for reading.

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