Plunderer Ep. 11

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Up My Sleeve

With the battle over, Licht is resting from his injuries from Sunohara and from Jail. But there is one thing that is still going on. The hands of the Abyss, the Althing, are still present. And because the Star Stake was never concluded, the hands have not dissipated and gone back to the Abyss.

Oh, and apparently the hands are a bit handsy. Well except for Hina. (insert anime trope of groping large breasts and poking fun at small breasts)

So while Licht rests up, Jail returns to the capital of the Royal Guard, Neue Welt, summoned by the Supreme Commander.

Jail knocks on the door to the Supreme Commanders office. he is told to enter, and seated at his desk was the Supreme Commander Alexandrov Grigorovich.

He jumped out of his chair with open arms to welcome Jail, his foster-son, back home safe and sound. Alex was hoping for a hug form Jail but was denied immediately, which made Alex crash into a wall.

Not what you would expect from a grizzled, cigar smoking, face-scarred Supreme Commander of the Royal Guard.

With unsuccessful heart-warming greeting out of the way, Jail and Alex talk about the events that transpired in Anesis. Jail wanted to know about the soldiers in the black uniforms, the weapons that they carried, and if it was the Supreme Commander himself that issued to order to massacre the people.

Alex told Jail that the men in black uniforms belong to the Special Service Unit, SSU, and that they are not under his command. The SSU operate in espionage, kidnapping, assassination, and more. They are under the direct command of the Royal family and their existence is classified.

Alex then warned Jail that every member of the SSU is a ballot holder, meaning they are more like super soldiers.

Jail wishes to inquire about Licht and his powers but not inform Alex that he broke the law while helping Licht. Jail proceeds to inform Alex that he saw Licht’s numbers increase at an alarming rate and that Licht is a danger to the law and order of Althea law.

Alex agrees and tells Jail that history of the Legendary Aces. The seven Aces were once humans who were experimented with ballots to surgically implant them inside of humans. The result was the formation of the Legendary Aces that fought in the Waste War 300 years ago.

Alex then grabs Jail’s arm, reveals that he has been hiding his true count, and asks Jail is hiding Licht from him. Since telling the truth is one of Jail’s convictions, Alex is know if Jail is lying or not. Jail tells Alex that he is not hiding Licht and to Alex’s surprise, Jail’s count decreases by one. Alex cautions Jail about hiding Licht, and that if Licht is not captured then he may be the end of everything. jail retorts backs that he knows that Licht, if enabled, will plunder the entire world and let it fall to ruin, but Jail responds that if that were to happen then he will see Licht do it first hand.

Just as Jail was about to leave, Alex told Jail that he is not done talking. The matter as to why Jail was called has not been settled. Alex tells Jail about knowing about Jail and his men fighting the Althing, the Abyss hands, alongside Licht. Alex also tells Jail that the SSU have eyes and ears everywhere.


Then we see the soldier that was rescued by Jail in Lindon show up right outside the cabin that Licht is recovering at. This soldier reveals himself to be in disguise, and his real identity is the soldier from the beginning of series.

It’s implied that this soldier is working for the SSU.

Jail returns to the cabin and tells Licht that he is under arrest, shocking everyone. Everyone else tries to ask him questions but with every question comes a lie, which lowers Jail’s count. Jail then restrains Lynne, Sunohara, and Gespenst from trying to stop him. As everyone struggles including Jail internally struggling with his actions, Nana walks over to Jail and slaps him.

Nana then proceeds to tell Jail that what he is doing is wrong and that Jail, himself, knows that what he is doing is wrong. She tells him that though he has convictions, he just lets people tell him what to do instead of following on his own convictions.

Nana knows that Jail is only doing this to protect his comrades, and that he and everyone else cares and trusts Licht. So, she is going to show Jail exactly what happened 300 years ago and make Jail stay true to his self-convictions.

Then, a bright, rainbow colored light surrounds Nana and right below her left eye, a star and the number 7 appear. She is another Legendary Ace.

Nana asks Jail to stop the events of the past so that the future can be saved and succeed where she failed.

The bright light consumed Jail, Lynne, Gespenst, and Hina. Then in a blink of an eye they are in the middle of a street with unfamiliar buildings around them.

This looks very similar to the buildings seen in Japan, but how is that even possible?

Then they see a girl walking along the sidewalk that looks eerily like Sunohara, then another person approaches that Sunohara calls Rihito, the same name that she calls Licht.

What is going on, and where exactly are they?

I will say that the series does well to build up tension and leave off with a cliffhanger. The episode seemed to focus more on Jail and the consequences of the events in Anesis.

Though it may be just me, I find that the perverted comedic tropes that are present in this show drive the show away from its story telling and potential character development. We see Jail’s development when he is presented with the repercussions from his actions of aiding Licht, but that he feels conflicted with capturing and treating Licht like a villain.

The reveal of Nana being a Legendary Ace was exciting but foreseen. She knew too much about Licht during the fight with Sunohara and previously when she and Licht met Hina. But it was finally nice to see Nana take a center stage and be the driving force for a big change in the coming events.

Thanks for reading.

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