Id: Invaded Ep. 11

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The storm rages on inside of Narishisago’s Id well. Sakaido/Narihisago realizes that all this time, John Walker has been influencing and manipulating him and making him into the man his is today, a serial killer.

Thinking about it, one way that Narihisago is in fact a serial killer is that way that he drove the other serial killers to kill themselves. he manipulated the minds of the serial killers to the point of feeling guilt, fear, or whatever else in their killings. Without physically interacting with the other serial killers, he drove the others to kill themselves, thus becoming a serial killer himself by manipulation.

Sakaido and Aniado discuss Aniado’s reasoning behind his deception in knowing about the world that Sakaido and Anaido are in. Anaido’s ultimate goal was death. He wanted to die and for Narihisago to be the one to do it. But why did Anaido/Fukuda want die?

Well, Anaido/Fukuda reveals that he has a condition, arithmomania, that whenever he sees numbers, those numbers are trapped inside his mind and continuously consume his every thought. Anaido then says that he decided to drill the whole in his own head to stop those numbers from consuming his mind, and for a while it worked. But as he is inside of the mizuhanome, his condition is coming back in full, which indecently is going to lead to their safe return.

Sakaido then realizes that the mizuhanome that he sat in and entered the fake reality Id well is gone. Both he and Anaido postulate that the realities of both Id wells, Narihisago’s first Id well and this second Id well, are connected but by different times. Thanks to Anaido’s memory, they located the spot where the first mizuhanome rested. Sakaido believes that Hondomachi will be located seated inside of that mizuhanome and from there. they can all escape.

However, Hondomachi is still inside the fake reality investigating the clues that Narihisago left to her. She is to continue to investigate and uncover the truth behind it all. She looks at Narihisago’s board, consisting of all the serial killers to date, continues down the line of serial killers leading her to Fukuda, The Perforator.

Hondomachi meets Fukuda and they briefly discuss their past encounter. But what Fukuda really does is help Hondomachi figure out the identity of John Walker.

Fukuda tells Hondomachi his experiences with John Walker, and Hondomachi discusses John Walker’s identity possibilities from the coworkers at Kura.

Hondomachi looks into the time and date of each coworkers location with the time and dates of John Walkers and Fukuda’s experiences together. But there is no match, all coworkers are present and accounted for. Then Fukuda makes a suggestion to look into the coworkers that are away on a trip during those times and only one name pops up.

The only coworker that was away during those times was . . .

I guessed it, its the true identity of John Walker is none other than Takuhiko Hayaseura, the chief of Kura, the organization that investigates serial killers using Id wells.

And in just the nick of time, Sakaido and Anaido find the mizuhanome that Hondomachi dove into and ejected her.

Sakaido, Anaido, and Hondomachi make their way to the center of the storm. From there, the analysis team was able to track their location and eject all three of them safely. Honodmachi then quickly tells Togo, the acting director, that the identity of John Walker is Takuhiko Hayaseura.

Togo then tells her team to call the authorities to arrest Hayaseura, but just then the light go out and the machines shut down.

Presumably, Hayaseura is disabling the teams connection to call the authorities to apprehend and stop him from his plan.

Then, Hayaseura opens up s door to a seemingly empty room and proceeds to open another door in the ceiling.

There we see Kiki Asukai’s body floating above him, asleep. Kiki Asukai’s disappearance was caused by Hayaseura.

This is only speculation, but I assume that the technology of the mizuhanome that allows people, murderers, to enter Id wells is due to Kiki Asukai’s dream like abilities. It would explain why only murderers are able to enter Id wells, because only murderers are able to enter the dreams of Kiki Asukai.

Thanks for reading.

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