In/Spectre Ep. 10

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Dueling Fictions

Solution #2

So, Iwanaga’s second solution resides in the fictional proving that the Steel Lady Nanase ghost is in fact a ghost. She turns the table around by trying to prove to others that Steel Lady Nanase is a ghost and to make the forum believe that she is just a ghost.

Iwanaga goes on to question the reason for her to becoming a ghost. Why was she so vengeful on wreaking havoc and then killing someone who had no connection to her past? Well, perhaps Karin Nanase was so guilt stricken by the accusation that she killed her father that when the steel beams fell on top of her, Karin Nanase accepted her death to end the pain and guilt that she was feeling.

And that when she made it to the afterlife, she found out the truth behind her father’s death. That her father killed himself on purpose to punish Karin because the father felt envious and betrayed that his own daughter was so much more successful and smarter than he was, and that is why he left a note claiming that Karin wanted him dead.

Although this is just a supposed fictionalized story, Iwanaga comes to think that it might actually be true and who knows, it might actually be true.

Anyways, the majority of the forum turns to believing the sad end of Karin Nanase and wanting her to finally pass on peacefully to the afterlife, thus weakening the Steel lady Nanase. This allows Kuro to find a possible outcome where the Steel lady Nanase can be defeated.

But it’s not over yet, now Iwanaga has to propose a fiction of the Steel Lady Nanse’s name itself and the indiscriminate havoc that it wreaks.

Solution #3

And to prove the name Steel Lady Nanse to be fictional, Iwanaga has to come up with a plausible identity as to who Steel Lady Nanase truly is.

Iwanaga first tries to pin it on Karin Nanase’s sister, Hatsumi. Iwanaga proposes that it was actually Hatsumi that began spreading the rumor that Karin killed her own father, out of jealousy. When Karin actually ended up dead, Hatsumi could not believe that her only sister is actually dead and that a body double must have taken Karin’s place.

This self-lie began to eat up at Hatsumi, so Iwanaga proposes that a stalker of Hatsumi’s created and began dressing up as the Steel lady Nanase to reassure that Karin is actually dead, thus, pinning the Steel Lady Nanase “ghost” as nothing but a creation made by a stalker.

Many on the forum seem to take this idea of a fake, until Rikka herself enters the chat forum and pints out that the creation of the violent Steel lady Nanase would only harm Hatsumi’s mental state, and cause her to go insane.

Rikka points out that if the motive is flawed, then the whole premise is flawed.

Though many on the forum side with Rikka’s point, many side with Iwanaga’s point, concluding that the premise could be possible albeit in a contradictory way. The actions of the stalker could have went to the extreme the more the ruse went on, so it is possible the contradiction is possible.

And just with that when all hope was gone and lost for Kuro to find an outcome to beat Steel Lady Nanase, he finds it.

The single outcome that will lead to victory and finally put an end to the Steel lady Nanase.

Thanks for reading.

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