Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 10

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The Infant Child and the Green Fortress

This is a flashback of Somlai’s beginning. The beginning of their fateful meeting, and the beginning of their arduous journey.

She was being transported in a caravan with other humans. All of the humans were in cages and bound in chains.

This caravan expectantly crashed, killing everyone except for Somali.

Presumably, these humans were to sold as slaves or as food.

Somali managed to make it to safety, and a short while later Golem found her, thanks to a cat creature, in tattered clothing and bound in shackles. Somali’s first words upon seeing Golem was calling him Dad.

When Golem found her, he had no intentions of caring for Somali because she was not a natural inhabitant of the forest. Somali followed Golem, to much his insistence for her to leave the forest but she would not leave and just continued to follow Golem.

The thought of being alone scared Somali, so the first person to not show any signs of hatred towards her made her feel safe. Somali did not want to be alone anymore, so she followed Golem even though he tried to make her leave.

Even when Golem left Somali behind, she eventually caught up to him happy as can be.

Her life must have been rough but she still manages to find her smile and be happy.

Golem came to understand that Somali will not leave the forest and not leave his side. He fed her when she was hungry and protected her while she slept.

Eventually, Golem decided that since his life would soon expire and Somali would inevitably perish in the forest alone, he had no other choice but to bring her to her fellow humans.

It is also revealed that the cat creature’s name is Komidori-Somali, Steeped-in-Viridian, and that Golem named Somali after the cat that had first found her.

Once Golem finished telling Shizuno the story about his and Somali’s meeting, Shizuno asked to see the state of Golem’s body.

It’s not good. Golem has white outer body is continuing to crack and break off, and his inner body is forming cracks and fluid is out.

Golem knows that he may not be able to make it much longer before his body can no longer move, so he asks Shizuno if he and Yabashiro could watch over Somali for him. Shizuno says that he can, but also asks Golem if really wants that. Shizuno asked Golem if he wanted to be with Somali if he was able.

If Golem could, he would. As Golem traveled with Somali, that only thing he wanted was to see Somali’s smile.

Morning comes and Golem and Yabashiro begin their bodyguard duties. While Golem and Yabashiro work, Shizuno and Somali stay in the house and clean the place up. Then Somali has a wonderful idea of making a present for Golem. She tries to draw a picture for Golem but it doesn’t come out very good. Somali wants to make him something perfect but struggles with what to make.

The next day, The inn keeper’s wife, Rosa, pays Shizuno and Somali and visit and sees that they are trying to make something with yarn. Rosa says that Somali could make a lucky charm bracelet.

Rosa teaches Somali how to make the bracelet. Rosa is so happy once Somali gets the hang of making the bracelet so fast. Rosa then given Somali a hug, but something strikes Rosa as odd.

As Rosa leaves, she is ponders at what concerned her about Somali. Does she know what Somali truly is?

Rosa meets some thugs in the middle of the night, and tells them her suspicions.

That Somali is human. Looks like Somali is about to be in some real danger.


The intensity of the flashback was so sad but also uplifting. Somali was involved in a tragic event but yet she was able to find happiness and comfort with Golem, who she saw as her dad.

The struggle that she went through only adds to her character and development in her relationship with Golem.

The only thing that I was a little upset with was that when they came back from the flashback, it went straight into the development for setting up Somali’s endangerment. The scene right after where the flashback exited, where Shizuno and Golem were talking about how Golem feels leaving Somali behind, would have been a better scene to end it on, in my opinion. It felt like the audience had enough time to lose the emotional feeling from the flashback and come down from it.

Nonetheless, the episode was great and the revealing backstory of Golem and Somali’s meeting was finally answered, and answered with full emotion.


Thanks for reading.

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