Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 9

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Memories of Minor Days

The trip to the Witch’s Village sets Golem and Somali onward in their journey.

Their journey takes them through a forest in pouring rain. They need to find shelter, possibly a cave or something.


A tree-house. Yep, that will work.

The tree -house belongs to a bunch of “tappers,” people who extract the sugary sap from the nearby candy baum trees to make sweets. Somali happens to find a book, belonging to one of tappers, and she and Golem spend the night baking up a sweet treat fro Somali to eat.

Suddenly, Golem hears footsteps outside of the tree-house, then a knock on the door. Golem answers the door and to his surprise and to the guests surprise, it’s Shizuno and Yabashiro.

The four of them visit for a while, until Somali pops up and says that she is going to sleep. Something is wrong with Somali. She is concerned for her loose tooth.

When Somali was eating her sweet, she felt her tooth come loose and because she never encountered this before, she thought that something bad had happened. It’s kinda cute.

The next morning, they make their way to Bygone City.

Bygone City is a place where the black market of this world lies. Where the criminals, pickpockets, and the such love to live. Shizuno and Yabashiro’s reason for going to Bygone is to learn from a practitioner of dentition.

When Somali hears that this dentition works on teeth, she gets a little concerned when Golem and Yabashiro start talking about how teeth may be pulled if something is wrong with them.

They meet the dentition, who is a mouse.

After the meeting, Somali is still acting strange. Golem inquires with Somali as to what is troubling her. He asks if it is her mouth, in which she is scared and runs away. Somali is scared and flees.

While fleeing, Somali runs into a group of bad-looking men.

Golem, Shizuno, and Yabashiro chase after and find that she is in trouble. The men tell Golem that they need to be paid an exorbitant amount of money to compensate for the trouble or else. Golem does not have enough, so the men tell Golem how this city works. Might makes right.

Well if that the case, then Golem will have to make this right.

So, Golem and Yabashiro show that with their might, they are in the right.

Somali is told to get to safety while Shizuno takes out the third man, but while she runs away she trips and falls and because of the fall, her tooth gets knocked out.

Once the men flee in defeat, Somali finally tells Golem that her tooth was loose and fell out. Somali was so scared and concerned that her tooth would never grow back, that she started to cry.

They all head back to the dentition, who tells them that it was just her baby tooth and a new tooth will grow back in its place. He also gives Golem a little trinket that will hold all of a child’s teeth so that a parent can it as a commemorative collection. Somali is happy when Golem accepts and keeps it.

Now that the trouble of Somali’s tooth is over, the remaining trouble is finding a place to stay for the night. Just then, a man approaches them asking for help. This man is the owner of an inn and states that with the coming snow comes many travelers, and with those travelers comes many troubles. So, he asks Golem and Yabashiro to act as his bodyguards, but not for free. He offered them a safe place just outside the city to stay for free.

Once they are settled in the house, Golem puts Somali to bed, and he and Shizuno talk for a bit. Shizuno reveals that he has known that Somali was a human since their first meeting. He also asks Golem why he is acting like Somali’s father.

Golem tells Shizuno that he never intended for their relationship to be like father and daughter, but that is how it transpired. That he was once a guardian over many things in the forest, but once he met Somali he became a guardian over an individual.

He became an individual that was to protect someone that came into his life, he became a father.


Thanks for reading.

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