Plunderer Ep. 9

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Last time, Jail was tracking down any information that he could uncover about the demon of Linden, only for it to lead straight to Licht. Jail and Licht were about to go at each other again, when a large hole opened up in the middle of Anesis. The demon of Linden was about to resurface in Anesis.

To everyone’s surprise this demon was a helicopter. Even stranger, Licht knew exactly what it was but was shocked that it could still fly after all this time.

With the helicopter’s guns trained on the people below, how can they defend themselves when they are so clearly out-gunned.

The helicopter fires its machine gun aimed at Jail, Licht, and all the other people. With Jail’s quick thinking, he constructs a iron wall capable of blocking its attack. The helicopter flies away, but only to circle around to fire one of its missiles.

But once again thanks to Jail’s quick thinking and his iron wall, everyone is protected by the blast.

Licht is quick on his feet giving out instructions on how the people can to get to safety and on how to combat the helicopter. Although Jail does not like his sudden commands, he quickly backs down when Licht revealed his military rank adornments, three yellow stars on top a black and yellow stripped shoulder garb, symbolizing that he is of the rank of colonel.

Without giving much thought, Licht jumps right in action and launches himself toward the helicopter in hopes of destroying it. As Licht gets closer to the helicopter, the black arms of the Abyss show up.

The closer Licht gets, the arms stop Licht. The arms are not directly after Licht, but are trying to get the helicopter which came out of the Abyss and bring back into the Abyss.

As hard as he tries, Licht cannot get close to the helicopter.

Hina pleads with Jail to help Licht, but its against the law to stand against the hands of the Abyss. But, Jail wanting to help the people could not stand idly by while Licht fights alone.

Jail and the rest of the soldiers join in the fight and help Licht reach the helicopter.

With the help from everyone Licht is able to reach the helicopter but before Licht could destroy the helicopter, a rain of bullets destroys the helicopter. A woman, shining in the light of the sun, armed to the teeth with guns appears.

Licht calls out to, revealing her name to be Sonohara Mizuka. She is a legendary Ace, The Pursuit Ace. She proceeds to shoot Jail in the chest and open fire on the innocent people below, killing many.

Soon after, men in black uniforms, similar to Sonohara, capture Hina, Nana, Lynne, and Pele.

Licht is captured by Sonohara and her men. She demands that Licht change back into the man that killed anyone and everyone who got in his way. Licht tells Sonohara that he is not that person anymore, but she takes matters to the extreme to get what she wants. She gets one of her men to take a young boy and threaten him.

She tells him simply, if he wants to save the boy then revert back in the man that he used to be, the man that she loved and followed unconditionally, and kill everyone to save the boy. Sonohara truly wants to die but only at the hands of the vicious killer that Licht once was.

Licht is pushed too far and suddenly, the men holding down Licht and the man threatening the boy just burst in a platter of blood.

Then one after another, Sonohara’s men are killed in a flash so fast that in the same second they are alive and dead.

Nana pleads with Licht not to gave in but it is too late.

Licht apologizes to Hina and tells her that his true goal and who he truly is, is the Plunderer.

The man that will take everything that the nation of Althea has to offer.


Well, this episode really went off on the dark path. The tone of the episode was unlike anything that has happened prior to this episode. And I like it.

Finally, a story that shows a lot, reveals a lot, and has a lot to be answered. With the surprise appearance of the helicopter to the appearance of another Legendary Ace, this episode set up a lot of chaos in the next episodes.

If the anime continues down this path, then I can see this show becoming a lengthy series. The source material, the manga, has a lot of story and drama, so the anime has a lot to draw from. It’s all up the execution on how well this show will progress and stay entertaining, with the story material that it has at its disposal.


Thanks for reading.

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