Id: Invaded Ep. 9

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So, last time we saw Sakaido, he entered a Mizuhanome that was programmed for what he thought was supposed to be the Id well of Momki, in the hopes of finding another Mizhanome programmed for Kiki Asukai’s Id well. Sakaido found it and enter Kiki Asukai’s Id well.

But as Momoki was being detained, he yelled out to anyone to get Sakaido and Anaido out of that Id well because it was not his. So, whose Id well is it really?

Sakaido wakes up in a bed, thinking that he is in his cell. Then something, or someone, surprises Narihisago, his wife Ayako. Then he goes see his daughter, Muku. There she is just waking up from sleeping.

Narihisago can’t believe it, his wife and daughter are alive and with him, but this time he remembers his real name, Narihisago, his Id well name, Sakaido, and everything that has transpired up until now, the cases.

What is going on?

Narihisago remembers that he told Anaido that in ten minutes, Anaido is supposed to eject Sakaido from the Mizuhanome and that he has only two minutes left. But two minutes pass and he is still inside. Narihisago knows that he is inside an Id well of some kind, so he plays along and stay calm.

At breakfast, the serial killings of the Challenger pop up on the news. Narihisago can only guess that since he has retained all of his memories, then perhaps he is in the past. If that is the case, then Narihisago has the upper hand and can stop future events from ever happening, mainly the death of his daughter at the hands of the Challenger.

He eventually meets with Momoki, of the past, and ledas him to the Challengers house so that they can stop him. Narihisago tells Momoki to enter from the back while he enters from the front. Narihisago meets the Challenger face to face and challenges him to a “fair” fight.

Clearly the Challenger has the advantage, but Narihisago never intended to fight fairly. Once the fight starts and the Challenger gets a few hits in, Narihisago pulls his gun and shoots the Challenger in the legs.

the fights drags on a bit with the Challenger breaking Narihisago’s arm, almost chocks him out, and pummeling Narihisago’s face, but eventually Narihisago manages to shoot the Challenger so that he could no longer get up and then repeatedly smash the Challengers face in his gun.

Momoki makes his way inside and sees Narihisago covered in blood and beating the Challenger’s face.

Narihisago tells Momoki about the secret entrance to the Challenger’s underground arena. Momoki heads down and sees a lone girl in the middle of the arena.

Holy crap, it’s Kaeru! No, wait, the girl says her name is Kiki Asukai.

Kiki Asukai is Kaeru.

Narihisago wakes up in a hospital bed, alone, and then proceeds to visit Kiki Asukai. He sees that she is Kaeru and call her by that name, but she has no idea why Narihisago is calling her that. He tries to ask her about Kaeru, the Mizuhanome, and the Id wells, she has idea what he is talking about.

But Narihisago begins talking about the Challenger, he gets a POV memory of Kiki being hit by the Challenger from Kiki’s perspective. She begins to tell Narihisago that her memories are capable of being projected to another person. Then she mentions that someone is coming.

A man has entered the hospital and is slicing off a person face. What the hell?

Kiki explains to Narihisago that that person is here to kill her. The man enters the room, but is hit in the head by Narihisago before he could kill Kiki. Narihisago recognizes the man as being the serial killer Hitoshi Sonoda, “The Face-lifter.”

Hitoshi questions how Narihisago is capable of entering Kiki’s dreams like him, unless he is like him, a serial killer. Narihisago demands an explanation to what Hitoshi is meaning by entering Kiki’s dreams. Hitoshi tries to get back up only for Narihisago to hit in the head again, but this time Hitoshi disappears.

Kiki explains that this is a dream world in which serial killers are able to enter and kill her over and over.

Narihisago wakes up in his hospital bed again, but this time he is surrounded by his wife, his daughter, and Momoki. He visits Kiki Aukai’s room again, but this time not in her dream.

They talk about the dream-like world and why people show up to kill her. Kiki explains that all her dreams are projected out and that serial killers are sent in by someone to kill her. Narihisago asks if this man wear a top hat and carries a cane. Kiki says yes.

So John Walker is truly the one behind the making of serial killers and allowing them to enact their fantasies of killing.

But it seems that these dream-like killings eventually make their way into the real world causing real death.

Before leaving, Narihisaho promises Kiki that he will stop the man that is doing these things to her and free her pain forever.

Narihisago then pays a visit to Hitoshi at his warehouse. In the real world while both Hitoshi and Narihisago were locked up together, Hitoshi told Narihisago about this warehouse of his, which is how Narihisago was able to track him down. There, Narihisago just wants to have a nice little chat with Hitoshi about the man that taught him how to enter Kiki’s dreams.

Well, hopefully Narihisago got what he wanted out of him because after their little talk, Hitoshi hung himself. Looks like Narihisago is not done with driving people to the point of killing themselves.

When Narihisago gets back to the hospital, he visits Kiki again, but witnesses her in the tub cutting her arm and draining her blood.

She was afraid of going to sleep and having another person enter her dream just to kill her in some brutal and twisted way, so she stopped herself from dreaming by ending her life.

Narihisago wakes up the next morning yelling to Kiki that she doesn’t have to die anymore. His wife, Ayako, is standing by his bed confused by his sudden outburst. They talk about his lack of sleep and his health.

Ayako believe that it is her that Narihisago is concerned about dying. To be fair, she did die after Muku was murdered from suicide. But Ayako tells Narihisago that if he ever has a dream that she is dead then all he has to do is wake up.

Just wake up.


What a mind twisting, dark revealing episode. At times, I was confused, but I don’t know if that was because of the episode or because of me being so tired. Which is kind of ironic that this episode focus on sleep and dreams.

It was interesting that even though Narihisago may know that this is all fake, he still wants to enact his revenge and stop the events from the real world and change the future in this dream world. I do think that once Narihisago is out of this fake world and back in the real world, his physique is going to take a big hit when he is back in his cell and remembers that his wife and daughter are truly dead. Or perhaps in the end, there might be a way for Narihisago to live in this dream world forever and be with his family alive and well.

Anyway, the heavy story development in this episode really started to connect a lot of the dots together. It is getting closer and closer to the reveal of John Walker and his motive behind all of this. I do have my thoughts as to who John Walker is, Takuhiko Hayaseura. But I guess we will have to see.


Thanks for reading.

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