In/Spectre Ep. 8

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She Who Spins Fiction

Saki recounts that her first impression of Rikka was not quite normal. Saki realized that Rikka was Kuro’s first love, but also that she may be looking at a dead woman. Rikka was not well at all, she was very skinny and weak. Saki thought that because of Rikka’s condition, Rikka would be dead very soon.

As Kuro and Saki rode the hotel elevator down to the lobby, Kuro made a comment that shocked Saki to the core. He wished that Rikka would not be around, meaning that she is still alive.

Kuro also told Saki that Rikka is his cousin

Saki was utterly shocked when she realized that with Rikka being Kuro’s cousin, she may have the same abilities as him, immortality. Saki always assumed that Rikka dies in the hospital from the rumors she overheard from the nurses and that Rikka suddenly disappeared from the hospital.

Iwanaga is awake and the three of them await the appearance of the Steel Lady Nanase. There is a bit of tension between Kuro and Saki. Kuro goes on look out for Steel Lady Nanase, while Saki and Iwanaga wait inside a car for the Steel Lady Nanase to show up.

Iwanaga and Saki talk about Rikka and her involvement in this case. Iwanaga explains to Saki that Rikka did not die or vanish from the hospital, but instead went to live with her at her mansion. It was only about a month ago that Rikka up and left with no word on where she was going.

Iwanaga also explains that once she and Kuro saw the painting of Rikka, they suspected that Rikka was involved with the creation of the Steel Lady Nanase.

The only thing they couldn’t do is find out where Rikka was and why she created the Steel Lady Nanase. Rikka got into painting a year ago, and probably shortly after that began creating the wiki page for the Steel Lady Nanase.

Kuro and Iwanaga never revealed Rikka to Saki because they did not have evidence, besides the painting style, to pin on Rikka. She would spend a lot of time on her computer while staying in Iwanaga’s home, but Iwanaga would not pry into Rikka’s doings on her computer.

Iwanaga then explains to Saki that Rikka died over and over to find out the best course of action to make her creation last the longest. She was playing with statistics and probabilities to find out the best path so that Steel Lady Nanase would have the greatest impact on the future.

This all seems to be game to Rikka.

Just then, a ghost cat appears to tell Iwanaga that Steel Lady Nanase has appeared.

Iwanaga, Saki, and Kuro on their way to find the Steel Lady Nanase and hopefully put a stop to her.

Rikka makes her appearance dressed in a red and black laced dress readying for her with the Steel Lady Nanase. She look at the computer screen with the wiki forum chat pulled up. She slits her throat, killing herself, to find the future path that she needs for the Steel lady Nanase to grow.

Iwanaga, Saki, and Kuro arrive where Steel lady Nanase has appeared and they are ready to attack. While Kuro fights Steel Lady Nanase, with the intention of keeping her busy and keeping her away from innocents, Iwanaga begins her counter-measures on the Steel lady Nanase forum page.

Iwanaga must put her “truth” forward on the forum and convince the people on the forum to believe her story thus weakening Steel lady Nanase.

The fight is on!


Though it seems the story of the Steel Lady Nanase is coming to a close, the progression with the Steel Lady has felt a bit slowed. I have felt that the evidence being presented in previous episodes has been well done while also building up the characters.

But this episode has just felt slow and uninteresting. There were some good moments but overall it just dragged. Hopefully the remaining episodes do not drag the Steel Lady Nanase case along at a snails pace.


Thanks for reading.

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