Plunderer Ep. 8

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Jail, Lynne, and Pele are awe struck by the destruction of the town of Linden. The people are gone, the buildings are destroyed, but there is no sign of what caused this.

Pele comes running over to Jail, yelling at him saying that the lake in Linden has completely turned black.

The three of them investigate the lake where they see a black swirling smoke taking the place of a once beautiful lake. The Lake resembles the Abyss.

Then suddenly a lone injured soldier appears behind Jail, Lynne, and Pele saying that it was a demon that appeared from the Abyss and destroyed the town.

The soldier was hysterically repeating that it was a demon. As the soldier screamed out about the demon, he collapsed from his injuries. It was decided that the injured soldier be brought to the only town close by.

I wonder where that could be?

Anesis, the town that Licht, Hina, and Nana went to.

And of course, Jail was welcomed by Licht with opened arms. Yeah, no.

Almost immediately Licht was on guard as soon as Jail make his appearance. But this time instead of immediately attacking Licht, Jail took a seat at one of Nana’s tables.

Licht and Jail began yelling at each, kinda like rivals and friends.

Jail started to demand that Licht tell him everything he knows about what happened in Linden. He knows that Licht had nothing to do with what happened in Linden, but he suspects that Licht knows what occurred there.

Licht and Jail exchange a few words, which leads to them readying their weapons.

But, Nana comes to the rescue and puts a stop to their aggression. She then insists that Licht and Jail have a drinking competition to settle their score. Jail is a bit reserved this time, remembering that he passed out before and they left him and his subordinates in the previous town.

Eventually Jail conceded to the drinking competition and offered up a big sack of coins to pay for the drinks. What a nice guy.

So for about ten minutes, of real time, Licht and Jail drank and played a version of 20 questions, but in this version no question was answered. Great game! (sarcasm)

It was definitely funny to watch as Jail and Licht angrily and drunkenly yelled at each other. asking questions about one another that seem to never be answered.

Meanwhile. Lynne and Hina bonded a little. Lynne was feeling kinda jealous that Licht pays more attention to Hina and very little to her. Lynne’s feelings for Licht become quite apparent. Even Lynne gets a little drunk, accidentally mind you because she grabbed the wrong mug. She meant to drink the water, but was distracted and drank the liquor.


Even Nana decides to join in the fun and start drinking, but that girl knows how to take drinks, unlike the rest.

Soon, Licht and Jail have had enough of talking and ready to fight.

Well, a form of fighting. They each attack one another by forcing a bottle of liquor down each others throats. And equally, they pass out.

But all the fun is over when Pele comes running over and screaming to Jail that a massive hole has opened up in town, just like the one in Linden.

Jail and the rest of the group rush over to the hole to see it for themselves.

Jail orders people to evacuate and for the town guards form a protection circle around the hole.

Licht then hears a strange sound coming deep within the hole. A sound that is all to familiar to him, and a sound that worries him. Licht tells Jail to order everyone to run, making Jail very suspicious of Licht. Jail grabs hold of Licht demanding that Licht tell him what Licht knows about this hole and what is within it.

Then a tornado of black smoke raging into the sky. Licht begins speaking, with tears in his eyes, about something from the past being destroyed and it being impossible that it could still be able to fly.

Then the “demon” of the Abyss appears from the smoke. It… It’s a…

A freaking Helicopter?!


Okay so the beginning was very ominous and foreshadowing that whatever that demon was that appeared in Linden, would appear again later on in the episode or possible next episode.

The comedy relief was funny and entertaining, but also felt like a content place holder to lengthen the episode’s story until the big reveal at the end.

What I was not expecting was the freaking helicopter rises out of the Abyss, armed to the teeth with rockets and other gunfire. No wonder Linden was on fire and destroyed. But the bigger question is, what is a helicopter doing in a world with primitive technology?

The way that Licht reacted to the helicopter has me thinking that the Waste War was fought against these types of machines. And the law that forbids flying makes more sense by the destruction of what these machines can do. I also wonder if the world below the Abyss is like a world of higher technology and the Abyss acts like a portal connecting two worlds together. SO when your time is up in one world, you are taken to another world.

I have no clue, but the series is getting quite interesting. I’m excited how this all is going to play out, and fascinated by how they are going to explain the technology of a helicopter in the world of Plunderer.


Thanks for reading.

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