Id: Invaded Ep. 8

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While Momoki is being held under arrest, the rest of the analysis team continues on with Handomachi’s dive into Narihisago’s mind with Togo as the team leader.

Matsuoka is scanning the home of the creator of the Mizuhanome to pick up traces for an Id well. He is able to find scans for Momoki’s Id well.

Togo and Hayaseura, head of the entire investigation unit, decide for both Narihisago and Fukuda to dive into Momoki’s Id well, locate the machine to Kiki Asukai’s Id well, dive into Kiki’s Id well, find Handomachi, and extract her.

That’s quite a lot of responsibility for two serial killers to be tasked with, especially since two people diving together in the same Id well has never been done before.

Sakaido, Narihisago, and Anaido, Fukuda wake up in a desert landscape, void of any life or objects.

Well, except for the dead body of Kaeru.

Sakaido and Anaido try to figure out what happened with Kaeru’s body, but all signs to heat exhaustion and organ failure, common ways of dying in a desert. While Sakaido continues to try investigate Kaeru’s body, Anaido ventures on following footprints that are leading away from Kaeru’s body. Eventually Sakaido catches up with Anaido, but the desert heat is getting to Anaido quickly.

Meanwhile, Momoki is being interrogated. Momoki refuses to answer any questions that the investigators ask him. One of the investigators mentions to Momoki that it really doesn’t matter if Momoki talks or not because his colleagues are looking into the truth.

Then Momoki suddenly freaks out and yells at the investigators that they need to extract them now, meaning Sakaido and Anaido.

According to Momoki the Id well that they are investigating is not Momoki’s Id well.

So who’s Id well are Sakaido and Anaido really in?

Anaido mentions to Sakaido that neither one of them is doing well, and that technically only one of them needs to survive. Anaido volunteers to die right then, more to give up then to move on.

But then Sakaido interrupts Anaido telling him that neither of them needs to die as the person who’s footprints they have been following has been found.

Yeah, the mystery person is dead. Sank into quicksand and died, unlucky break for the guy but fortunate for Sakaido and Anaido.

Out of the corner of his eye, Anaido spots something protruding from the sand. He and Sakaido dig it up and uncover a Mizuhanome. It means very little to Sakaido and Anaido, but to the analysis team, it means a lot. Especially the name that is on the machine, Kiki Asukai.

Sakaido decides to enter the machine, while Anaido operates the controls. Sakaido tells Anaido to hit the eject button after ten minutes are up. But we won’t know that until the next episode.

The last thing we see is Momoki restrained on the floor of the interrogation room demanding that Sakaido and Anaido be extracted immediately and that it is a trap.

Sakaido might be in more trouble than he realizes.


This is very much a climatic episode. The mystery behind who Kiki Asukai is and how she is connected to Momoki and Narihisago will hopefully be uncovered soon. I do think they did better with explaining Kaeru’s death inside of Id well, with her finger tips being broken from digging to find water, her lips chapped from the dry air, and her ultimate death from heat exhaustion and dehydration.

Though I enjoy a good mystery solving show, there are some disappointments in this anime. A lot of the investigative process is ignored and just randomly popping up out of nowhere or behind the scenes, possibly making the viewer dumbfounded by how that piece of evidence or information was uncovered.

I still enjoy the anime, it reminds me of Scooby Doo or Sherlock Holmes. But I still think that more could be explained about the investigation and how the information is uncovered.


Thank for reading.

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