In/Spectre Ep. 7

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Preparing to Conquer the Steel Lady

With Terada killed by the Steel lady Nanase, the situation has become far more severe.

Saki is brought in for questioning, since she was the last person to exchange conversations with Terada. Saki was questioned on her whereabouts, however she cannot say in detail where she was and what she was doing.

No one would believe that she was out tracking down ghosts and hunting the Steel Lady Nanase. She had no choice but to lie to the investigator.

After being questioned and after talking to her boss, Saki receives a message from Iwanaga to meet her at Makurazaka Hotel.

Meanwhile at the hotel Iwanaga and Kuro are discussing the death of Terada and how their solution to ending Steel Lady Nanase just became harder to control. Iwanaga also tells Kuro that there is no longer any doubt that Rikka is not involved with the creation of the Steel Lady Nanase.

(Rikka is Kuro’s older cousin who was in the hospital in the beginning of the series and the person that Kuro was visiting. It is also worth mentioning that Kuro was not the only person to survive the experiment of eating yokai flesh, Rikka was the only other survivor.)

Kuro knew all along that Rikka was behind this, but he did nothing about it because no deaths were caused by the Steel Lady Nanase, but now he cannot exclude her in the death of Terada.

Iwanaga was about to console a stressed Kuro, when a knock on the door interrupted.

Saki has arrived.

The three of them discuss how far the rumors have spread that the Steel Lady Nanase was responsible for killing Terada and how they are going to deal with it.

Iwanaga states that with this current incident many people might be drawn to the scene or to the area to catch a glimpse of the Steel Lady Nanase. These people could be fanatics, ghost hunters, occult researchers, or nosy onlookers. Iwanaga states that regardless of the people, another death will be happening this night but also perhaps many deaths.

Their only course of action is to stop Steel Lady Nanase, tonight.

But, Iwanaga still has to come up with a solution as to fabricate Steel Lady Nanase to not be perceived as real. Iwanaga struggles with this, but Kuro is there to help her and tells her if coming with one solution is impossible, then come up with many solutions to the many encounters of the Steel Lady Nanase. Something clicks in Iwanaga’s head and thanks Kuro for his input.

Iwanaga stands up in excitement with the solutions that she has in her mind. Kuro pats her on the head, encouraging her and praising her for the task that she is taking on, and then Iwanaga passes out from exhaustion.

But before she passes out, she tells Kuro to wake her up in a few hours.

Kuro puts her to bed, and he and Saki leave the room to get food. Saki and Kuro talk about how he and Iwanaga began dating and that Iwanaga are totally opposite of each other. She also comments that Iwanaga does not seem to be Kuro’s type, but thinks to herself that they seem to get along great.

To Kuro’s surprise, Saki makes a comment about how she is happy to see that he may be getting over Rikka. Kuro asks Saki what she means by that, to which she replied that Rikka is more Kuro’s type.

A brief flashback shows us Saki’s first meeting with Rikka.

Rikka is quite pale and frail. She has been held up in the hospital for years, most likely due to the effects of eating the yokai flesh.

But what Saki does not know or realize, yet, is that Rikka is directly involved in the Steel Lady Nanase case.

Looks like Rikka will be making an appearance very soon, I believe.


What i enjoy a lot with this series is the analytical detail to the investigation. It can be boring for some with how the series seems to be dragging on with this one case, but most of the attention to the investigative process is very important to stopping the culprit.

Not only are they progressing a story plot, but the characters and their relationships with each other are progressing as well. It is a good mix between story and character without one taking importance over the other.

With each episode more and more detail is revealed about the case, and the true mastermind behind the Steel Lady Nanase is being uncovered.


Thanks for reading.

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