Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 7

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The Footsteps That Stalk the Witches

Now that Uzoi and Haitora have repaired their relationship, they can continue their journey across the desert with Golem and Somali. With only two days of traveling left, they are almost across the desert.

When night falls, Somali and Uzoi stay up talking about the end of their journey together and that they will miss each other. Golem, sitting by the campfire, reveals to Haitora his condition and that he has just a little over a year until he ceases to exist.

Haitora mentions to Golem that there is a village of witches that have information on just about everything from all over the world. If Golem is to find information on humans, then that is his and Somali’s next destination.

In the morning, Haitora, Uzoi, Golem, and Somali say their farewells and head their way. Uzoi made sure to tell Somali that once she cures Haitora from his illness, she will find Somali again.

Haitora tells Golem to follow the river and it will lead to his destination. Geolem and Somali continue following the river until they make it the the Village of Witches.

Somali is amazed by the wonders of this village, and especially its food. She ends up eating too much food.

Though Somali’s attention is on food, Golem’s attention is finding the information on humans. A local witch directs them the library where all the information that th witches have collected is stored. Golem and Somali are introduced to a curator of the library, Hazel, who helps them find the book on humans that Golem and Somali need.

Hazel discovers the book is not in its spot on the shelves like it is suppose to be, but she has an idea on where it may be. Hazel’s sister, Praline, has a tendency to take old books and keep them in her room, secluded to the top floors of the library.

The book is called The Chronicles of Haraiso, and its somewhere in all of Praline’s mess. The hunt for the book is on!

With everyone, the book is sure to be found. Somali looks through the books helves and finally locates the book. She pulls the book out but some green slime comes with the book.

This green slime forms into a piranha like fish that eats old books, and The Chronicles of Haraiso is looking quite tasty but Somali is protecting it with her life.

With the magic of Hazel and Praline, they are able to destroy the book-eating fish. But then the remains of the fish comes together to from a larger single fish.

Hazel and Praline try to stop it with their magic, but it is too powerful. The book eating fish charges at Somali for the book she is protecting. Somali trips and drops the book, which the fish gets to, but it seems that the book is not the fish’s only target. It sets it eyes on Somali.

It charges at directly at Somali but Golem jumps in to protects Somali, to great cost to his arms. What looked like wings made from Golem’s flesh armor sprouted from his back and plunged into the fish, killing it.

Somali embraces Golem, crying because Golem got hurt and also she lost the book. Golem did not care about the book and told Somali that it is more important that she is okay, that is what is concerned with.

Now with the book destroyed, what are they going to do?

Praline tells Hazel that they can see who last read the book and see if that person may remember what the book’s contents contain.

Hazel looks and see that the last person to read the book was Isolde Nebsolv, the current head librarian.

Let’s us hope that Isolde Nebsolv has the answers that Golem and Somalia re searching for.


I am constantly and utterly amazed by the beauty of the places in this anime. In my opinion, a unique and story driven anime like this does not come along every season. With an anime with a small ensemble of characters makes the main characters able to be developed so much more, and then when minor characters are sprinkled into the episodes they can shine but over power the main focus of Golem and Somali.

I do predict that very soon, Golem’s predicament, regarding his lifespan, will come to Somali’s attention quite soon. I do wonder if the focus will shift from seeking more humans to finding a way to prolong Golem’s life. There is a part of me that wants a heart wrenching story that makes me shed tears, but I also hope that Somali and Golem can be together for as long as possible.


Thanks for reading.

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