Plunderer Ep. 7

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It Was Delicious

Licht awakens in a tent next to a sleeping Hina. He remembers the incident with Pelmo and how with all the power he may posses he can still do nothing to save the people in his reach.

Shortly after, Hina awakens to find Licht gone. She fears that Licht has left her again, but to her surprise Licht is just outside the tent washing his face.

Licht and Hina head back into the nearest town, where Nana has set up her traveling bar. Hina still wonders about Licht’s eye but he refuses to tell her anything.

Just then they get a surprise visit from Lynne. Licht is happy to see Lynne, and visa versa, until Lynne handcuffs Licht. Lynne tells Licht that she has a job to arrest him and bring him in. Hina questions Lynne, where Lynne introduces herself telling Hina that she and Licht went on a date, to which then Hina told Lynne that Licht and her are traveling together and he likes to look up her skirt.

Both girls look at Licht, seemingly jealous, with questioning stares. Licht stumbles with his words and decides his best bet is just to run away.

Though at much a great effort, he doesn’t get very far as Nana clotheslines him and knocking him to the ground.

Though we do not know much about Nana and her relationship with Licht, we can definitely see that she is a lot stronger than she lets on. Licht is even scared of her at times.

Well, Nana sees Lynne and Hina chasing after Licht and decides to have a little fun with Licht. She decides to hold a cooking competition between Lynne and Hina with the prize being Licht, oh boy.

Each girl is suppose to cook a single dish and the winner is decided by Licht. Lynne decides to go to the town market to buy her ingredients, while Hina goes straight to the forest.

Hina is about to attacked by a bear, but then the bear falls into a trap that Hina set up. She caught a freaking bear.

Lest we forget, Hina has traveled a very long way on her own fending for herself. She has had no choice but to hunt and cook her own food to survive.

Anyways, back in town both competitors get started on their dish. Once finished they each present their dish to Licht to try and decide a winner.

Lynne’s dish looks very presentable and delectable.

While Hina’s looks like death itself. Being dragged into the abyss looks more inviting than eating a bite of Hina’s dish.

But to everyone’s surprise, Hina’s dish is very delicious with Licht eating several bites of her dish. Even Sergeant Pele seems impressed at Hina’s dish as he scarfs it down.

But all the joy and happiness is interrupted by none other the joy killer himself, Jail.

He proceeds to destroy the surrounding area with his iron spikes, scattering the townspeople away.

Licht and Jail exchange a few words before they start to fight. They don’t seem to be taking the fight too serious, but they both don’t look to be backing down either.

There is one person who angered by this interruption above everyone, Nana. She calls the fight off and tells Licht and Jail at the commotion that they have caused. She orders them to sit down and enjoy a drink.

The next morning, Jail, Lynne, and Pele wake still recovering from their hangovers when they realize that Licht, Hina, and Nana are gone. They left early in the morning.

Right outside of town is a fork in the road leading left to Linden and right to Anesis. Licht, Nana, and Hina take the right to Anesis, while Jail, Lynne, and Pele take the left to Linden. Looks like Licht may get a short reprieve from Jail and his attempts at arresting Licht.

But for Jail, Lynne, and Pele they find themselves trouble in Linden. The entire village is on fire.

What happened in Linden?


Quite different of an episode compared to the previous episodes. It was a nice little side story with mostly comedic tones to it. Not much substance regarding character development or story development.

It seems to feel like this anime is one that is going to last a while. beyond the 12 – 24 episode series benchmark, but with how anime popularity rise and falls, I wonder if this anime will make it as a long running series. There is definitely enough source material for it, but without high ratings throughout its series run, the odds of the series continuing is up in the air.


Thanks for reading.

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