Id: Invaded Ep. 7

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Matsuoka and two other field team members investigate the home of the Challenger. Three years have passed since Narihisago killed him, but the scans from the Wakumusubi are still as fresh as ever. The urge and drive to kill the Challenger must have been extremely high in Narihisago for his killing intent to linger for this long.

Matsuoka heads down into the basement of the house and finds the arena where the Challenger had his fights and found scans from the Challengers killing intent. With these scans, the analysis team is hoping that they can find the connection between the serial killers and John Walker.

This time though, Narihisago is not diving in the Id well, Hondomachi is.

Inside Narihisago’s Id well, Hondomachi sees many people, alive and dead. The ones alive are in a panicked state and the ones who are dead look to be burned from being struck by lightning. The floor to Narihisago’s Id well looks to be a board of numbers, seemingly placed at random, with the people being struck by lightning falling in the middle of a number piece.

Hondomachi tries to move, but discovers that she is handcuffed to Kaeru’s dead body.

The analysis team figures out that the people inside of the Id well are either friends, classmates, or family. Momoki assumes that Narihisago’s wife and daughter are somewhere inside the Id well too.

Hondomachi tries to find a key to unlock the handcuffs, but then figures that she must be handcuffed for a reason and that she has to solve the murder, not worry about freeing herself. She investigates a body next to her and turns it over, to find that the body is Narihisago.

Meanwhile, Narihisago’s wife and daughter are running around looking for him.

What all could this mean? Inside of his mind, does Narihisago think that his old self is dead, or is Narihisago acting as a protector inside of his own mind?

Well, Hondomachi figures out two things: one being that it was Narihisago who handcuffed her to Kaeru’s body to protect her from being struck by lightning, and two that the lightning is artificial and only strikes at 9 second intervals.

Hondomachi uses this knowledge to her advantage to traverse the floor and investigate further. She discovers a prototype version of the apparatus that Hondomachi and Narihisago use to jump into the Id wells.

On this prototype, the name Kiki Asukai appears. Kiki was the last victim of the Challenger. Handomachi sits in the machine and dives into the Id well of Kiki Asukai, a dive within a dive.

But that is not the only interesting part that occurs. Moments before Hondomachi dives, investigators barge in the analysis room charging Momoki of being the serial killer John Walker.

Alongside that, Momoki is charged with the death of the Mizuhanome, the Id well diving machine’s, inventor.

Just what is going on?

Togo, the assistant to Momoki, is put in charge. She then proceeds to inform Narihisago of what has happened to Momoki. Narihisago finds it hard to believe that Momoki is John Walker, but demands to enter Momoki’s Id well and uncover the truth.

Just what is Narihisago going to find inside of Momoki’s Id well, and could Momoki really be John Walker or is being framed?


What an interesting episode. Definitely one of the most shocking episode thus far. John Walker is like a puppet master, pulling the strings of the people around him and his case.

The episode looks into the other locked serial killers perspective on their killings. Inami and Fukuda discuss their connection, and then Fukuda talks to Narihisago regarding someone diving into Narihisago’s Id well. Though their crimes have been stopped, their importance and connection to the ongoing investigations are ever present.

If John Walker’s real identity is a colleague of the teams, then I have my suspicions. But if he is not, then I wonder just what connection he has to everyone or is it just that he wants to create a world of death orchestrated by his hand and his hand alone.

With this new climatic turn, the series is getting better and better and I hope it is a spectacular reveal in the end.


Thanks for reading.

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