In/Spectre Ep. 6

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Logical Fiction

Okay, so we now know that Steel Lady Nanase is not a ghost, in the true fashion, but instead a construct of the imaginations of many people creating her from a picture on the internet. The question that still remains is, who created the internet page and created the Steel Lady Nanase legend?

Well, one of the first things that needs to be done is to weaken Steel Lady Nanase to the point where she would no longer be a threat. To do that, the online legend must be squashed. Iwanaga suggests to create a theory that suggests that the Steel Lady Nanase is just fictional and nothing more, but in order to do that Iwanaga needs credible information on Karin Nanase, so that the information cannot be easily denied.

Iwanaga tells Saki that a culprit technically does not need to be staged so long as the public believes the theory and accepts that Steel Lady Nanase is fictional, thus disempowering the legend. Also finding the person who first started the online legend would be sufficient to the police as the culprit behind the incidents.

Iwanaga finds the case file on Karin Nanase under Saki’s pillow in her apartment and tells Saki that they need to help each other to get this case solved.

Saki dives deeper into the case file, and Iwanaga, Kuro, and Saki all come with many different thoughts on what transpired that night of Karin Nanase’s death:

  • When Karin Nanase was outside in the construction site, she was there smoking cigarettes, since some cigarettes were found on her person, and could not escape their path. Even if that were the case, she would have at least defended herself by shielding her face from the blow, instinctively, but her hands were down by her side.
  • Perhaps she was contemplating suicide by all of the drama that had befell her life just recently, and when she saw the beams falling she just stood there accepting her fate. But her sister adamantly denied that Karin was suicidal and wouldn’t have done that.
  • What if it was actually a murder? Karin’s sister had a big motive to kill her since Karin’s will stated that her sister, Hatsumi, would get everything upon Karin’s death. Well, Hatsumi has no where near Karin’s location so her alibi was air tight.

Nonetheless, everything pointed to no foul play and it was ruled an accident. With no real evidence to go on, Iwanaga suggests that the three of them go find a witness. What witness? Perhaps a spirit witness?

Iwanaga, Kuro, and Saki take a trip to the crime scene, but what hope could she find when Karin Nanase dies over six months ago?

Iwanaga summons a human spirit that died a year ago on the job at the construction site. He said that when Karin was smoking in the construction site, she was saddened and depressed.

When the steel beams fell, Karin looked up at the beams and accepted her demise. So, it actually was an accidental suicide.

(A little surprising, but I still wonder why the beams fell, if it was coincidental or something else.)

Now that the truth has been revealed, Iwanaga can create a countering theory on the online Steel Lady Nanase site in the hopes that it will weaken Steel Lady Nanase’s power.

Iwanaga and Kuro leave Saki’ place and have a chat on the way home about Kuro’s part to play in this. With Kuro’s prediction abilities, he will be able to predict the best outcome with Iwanaga’s theory to best defeat Steel Lady Nanase.

In their talks they also foreshadow the involvement of someone they know. Who could they be referring to?

The last thing that Iwanaga mentions is that the steel Lady Nanase has yet to kill anyone so it shouldn’t be too hard to create a theory based on the truth about Karin Nanase’s death.

Doesn’t that just always jinx the situation and lead into that exact scenario that one has said hasn’t happened yet?

Well, Detective Terada confronts Steel Lady Nanase at a gas station and tries to fight her, thinking that she is just some person in a costume. He finds out after punching her that he is not real, as his hand goes right through her body. Steel Lady Nanase lifts her steel beam and crushes Terada’s head with it, killing him instantly.

Way to jinx it Iwanaga!


The last few episodes have really flushed out theories on who and what Steel Lady Nanase truly is, which is not a bad thing. It’s trying to establish this character as a real main antagonist to the show.

The foreshadowing of the person behind the scene involving Steel Lady Nanase is clever. I do see it as a Scooby Doo kinda show, that the villain is not someone that we haven’t met or seen yet. I think it is someone close to Iwanaga or Kuro.

What was really intriguing was that Iwanaga and Kuro explaining how his prediction abilities work. He is not able to predict just one future but many futures and choose the one with the highest probability of happening. Iwanaga explained that that is the prediction that they are aiming for with this case concerns the truth, and they are hoping to get close to the future that the Steel Lady Nanase is defeated.


Thanks for reading.

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