Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 6

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Dying Flowers Look Up at the Birds

So, Uzoi wants to kill Somali for her blood in the hopes that her blood will cure Haitora’s illness.

Somali frees herself from Uzoi’s grasp and flees. Uzoi chases after her and catches up to Somali in no time. Uzoi can fly while little Somali cannot run very fast.

Somali struggles to get away from Uzoi and manages to get free, but also manages to fall of the ledge, that they were close to, and fall into the water below.

This is not the right moment to find out that you cannot swim. Somali flails in the water trying to remain above the water.

Uzoi sees Somali in trouble and in contrary to her previous actions, Uzoi jumps in the water and saves Somali. Once on dry land, Uzoi tells Somali that Haitora is a human and her blood may be a cure in saving his life.

Though she wants to save Haitora’s life, it seems Uzoi has grown close to Somali and cannot kill her to save Haitora. Uzoi apologizes for her actions.

Just then, Golem and Haitora show up. Somali runs to Golem and hugs him. Golem looking at Uzoi, probably ready to kill her if she intends to hurt Somali again. Somali defends Uzoi telling Golem that Uzoi saved her from drowning. Golem tends to Somali first and lets Uzoi be.

Uzoi, runs into Haitora’s arms, crying and telling him that she wants to be with him forever and that’s why she did what she did. Though her actions were for someone else, it seems to be that killing Somali for her blood to fix Haitora was all a hope. There was no definite answer that Somali’s blood would actually cure Haitora.

So, back at camp Somali and Uzoi are resting in the tent with Uzoi still feeling guilty, which she should. Uzoi again apologizes for her actions, but Somali tells Uzoi that she has already forgiven her. No one deserves Somali, she is just full of sweetness and love.

Somali goes to sleep, but Uzoi stays awake and hears Golem and Haitora talk.

Haitora talks about the past on how he and Uzoi came to be together.

Many years ago, Haitora lived in a village with his human family but the village was attacked by Grotesques, monsters.

These Grotesques captured and killed the villagers, all except for Haitora, his wife, and his daughter. They managed to escape into a cave. For days they were hold up in this cave eating berries and water.

One day, Haitora left the cave to find suitable food from them, when he found a harpy woman gathering berries. In fear that this harpy was a Grotesque, Haitora grabbed a rock and killed her. Haitora brought back the body for his family to eat. As the family ate the harpy, Haitora’s wife and daughter began coughing up blood and growing feathers out of their bodies.

They died almost immediately.

Just then Haitora hears a small voice coming from the cave entrance. It’s young Uzoi calling for her mother.


Upon hearing Haitora tell Golem all of this, Uzoi feels betrayed, which makes the morning much more awkward.

Golem, Haitora, Somali, and Uzoi continue their journey across the desert. Luckily, the awkwardness of last nights confession was interrupted by a sand tornado. Uzoi and Somali hang onto the wagon, while Haitora tries to grab them. As Haitora tries to grab Uzoi, she looks at him with such betrayal in her eyes and refuses his hand.

She and Somali are thrown from the wagon into an unknown direction.

haitora tells Golem that he believes that Uzoi must have overheard the conversation. Golem tells Haitora that he may know the area that Uzoi and Somali might land in by analyzing the wind speed and wind direction. Once the tornado passes, they rush to find Uzoi and Somali.

Thankfully, they find Uzoi and Somali but unfortunately, they are being chased by a ginat insect.

Golem devises a plan to act as bait and with Haitora getting Uzoi and Somali to safety. But Haitora has another plan.

He intends to act as bait, fully well that he may die, but if he does in fact die then hat is the fate that he deserves for what he has done to Uzoi.

Things seem bleak for Haitora as the giant insect catches up to Haitora. Just as the insect was about to kill Haitora, Uzoi and Golem come to his rescue.

After the insect flees, Uzoi scolds Haitora for throwing his life away in an act of recompense. Uzoi tells him that he feels guilty for what he has done then he should live his life for Uzoi and never leave her.

Haitora and Uzoi make up, and Haitora has a new outlook on his and Uzoi’s relationship. He sees them as a family, together forever.


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