Plunderer Ep. 6

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Licht is moving right along his merry way in route to his next destination, wherever that may be. This time he dons a new mask, a deformed looking crow mask.

As Licht is traveling, who shows up out of nowhere calling out his name? Hina.

Hina and Nana manage to catch up to Licht.

Hina and Licht sit down and talk about how Licht left Hina behind and how much she and Nana searched for him.

As Hina and Licht were talking, a bird like flying machine came hurdling over their heads.

In this flying machine was a girl named Pelmo, who strives to build a working flying machine. This flying machine was going to crash down into a ravine, but Licht managed to save her from death.

Licht and Hina escort Pelmo back to her home. There it is explained that in the land of Althea, the research or experimentation in building a flying machine is punishable by death. The reason for this harsh punishment was not revealed, but I can only guess that the truth will be revealed later.

Anyway, Pelmo shows Licht and Hina her last grand design for a flying machine. However, Licht notices that there is no way that it is going to fly, so he edits her blueprints to make it able to fly.

How did Licht know about flight technology and able to immediately notice the error? The mystery surrounding Licht grows and grows.

Pelmo shuts Licht and Hina out her workshop so that she could start on the redesign immediately.

While they waited, Licht and Hina talked a bit. As they talked, Hina confessed that she missed Licht a lot, making Hina blush and then making Licht blush.

How cute.

To disregard the awkward moment, Licht told Hina that he needs to look at what underwear she is wearing today, and then he tries to force open her legs to look but Hina’s legs are much stronger than they appear. Kinda weird and kinda sexual harassmenty.

But before it got weirder, Pelmo comes out of her workshop with her new flying craft.

Before she could even step in the craft, the military guards show up. Licht remembers Pelmo’s words about wanting to achieve her dream and not backing down. he stands to defend both Hina and Pelmo from the might of the military.

But realizing that the flying machine would not only risk Pelmo’s life but slod the lives of the people who see the flying machine, Licht destroys Pelmo’s flying machine instead. Pelmo realizing what Licht actually did, is not mad at him for doing it.

Pelmo tells the military men that she has been trying to build a windmill, and then they leave without punishing anyone.

But Pelmo’s trouble is not yet over. She tells Licht and Hina that that is it for her and shows them her count. This was her last chance to fly before her count reaches 0. With the flying machine destroyed, her count reaches 0 and the Abyss opens up her swallow her in.

Both Hina and Licht try to stop the Abyss, but Hina is pushed back and Licht is injured from striking at the Abyss. Something is wrong with Licht from striking at the Abyss, he does not look well.

As she was being taken by the Abyss, Pelmo tells Hina not to cry and that she has a hunch that she will see Hina again sometime soon. Well, since this is an anime, there may be some foreshadowing truth in Pelmo’s words.

When Pelmo was completely swallowed, Hina looked over at Licht and noticed that he is not doing well at all. Licht falls to his knees covering his left eye.

He takes his hand off his left eye, and reveals that his eye is glowing and a number appears inside of his eye.

What does it mean?

Looks like we will have to wait fro the next episode to find out.


An interesting episode that introduced an interesting character and an interesting foreshadowing event.

Though Pelmo’s story was not dived into beside her dream to fly, she was an interesting character. I do hope that she comes back and her character is flushed out a bit more.

I did find that introducing a character and then “kill” her off just to put in a climatic plot point, regarding Licht’s eye, a bit unnecessary.

The episode did further Hina and Licht’s relationship and display a developing romantic closeness between them.

This anime seems like it could potentially become an anime that passes the 24-26 episode mark, but time and ratings will tell.


Thanks for reading.

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