Id: Invaded Ep. 6

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Inami is being held by Matsuoka and Hondomachi, while Kazuta hides somewhere in the house. Matsuoka and Hondomachi attempt to get Inami to spill his location, but she remains silent.

Then Matsuoka sees that the kitchen knives are missing from their holder. He pushes Hondomachi out of the way as a knife penetrates his shoulder. Kazuta is on the second floor preparing to throw more knives at Hondomachi and Matsuoka.

I love how Inami is playing calm and constraint while Kazuta does all of her bidding. She sits atop her throne while Kazuta goes out, finds victims, and kills them for her entertainment and her entertainment alone.

Anyways, Matsuoka and Hondomachi take cover to avoid the knives, but they need to find a way to go after Kazuta before he takes off. Hondomachi tells Matsuoka to just shoot Inami and get it over with, which worries Kazuta who is still upstairs. Matsuoka is confused by what Hondomachi is telling him to do and instead, she points her gun at Inami and fires a couple of rounds. Not directly at Inami, but at the wall as a way to lure Kazuta out and take him out.

Kazuta jumps down to the first floor and rushes Hondomachi. Hondomachi out of bullets, grabs the knife that Kazuta threw at her while charging at her and plunges it into his chest, killing him.

Throughout the incident, Inami did not seem to care what would happen to Kazuta but when she saw him with the knife in his chest and laying on the floor dying, she reacted concerned for him and angry at Hondomachi for killing him. This registered a killing intent on the Wakumusubi device from Inami desire to kill Hondomachi for killing Kazuta.

Inami was taken into custody and Kazuta was killed, the case of the Grave Digger killer was now over.

After everything was settled, a funeral was held for all the police officers and agents killed in the explosion.

Tsukimaru Nishimura, along with the officers were killed in action.

The two most important parts of the scenes at the funeral centered around the analysis team discussing the possibility that John Walker is in fact a colleague, and that Matsuoka informs Takuhiko Hayaseura, the chief of the entire unit, that Hondomachi might in fact be a perfect detective candidate for diving into the Id wells alongside Sakaido or instead of.

While Inami is being interrogated about the location of the victims, Sakaido jumps in the Id well of Inami. There Sakaido is aboard a looping train.

Thus begins a new case, Circled.

There on the train, Sakaido finds Kaeru dead, as always, and a blood foot trail leading to other trains cars. As Sakaido follows the trail, it leads right back to where he started, to Kaeru’s body. But this time two live bodies show up, the young versions of Inami and Kazuta. They are trapped inside this train.

This Id well is not about a murder but more about Inami’s mental state. Inami’s mother committed suicide by jumping in front of the real version of that train inside the Id well. Inami also happened to witness her mother doing it. Also what appears in this Id well, but on the outside, are the figures of the victims that Inami and Kazuta killed and John Walker.

This is leading more to the conclusion that Inami feels trapped by her past.

In the real world, Matsuoka is stopped by Hondomachi thanking him for recommending her to become a detective. He tells her that it was not something to celebrate but was to protect himself and his other field team members. He tells Hondomachi that the reason she would be compatible to dive into the Id wells is because she is a killer and found enjoyment in it.

You need the investigative intuition to dive in the Id well, as well as the enjoyment of being a killer. Though she is happy to become a detective, she is just as upset for the reasoning fro her becoming one too.

Meanwhile, Momoki is informed that the surveillance that was at Fukuada’s house, the first serial killer who drilled holes in people’s heads, is matched to a serial killer case years ago who goes by the name of the Challenger.

As we may remember, the Challenger is the serial killer that killed Narihisago’s, Sakaido, daughter.

Looks like the story is coming to become full circled (pun intended).


This episode seemed to focus more on the psychological mindset of the killer rather than to solve the case and be done with it. Though the other killers had a psychological reason behind their murders, except for the copycat killer, the Grave Digger had a traumatic event in her past that affected the way her brain developed the outlook on life, death, and love.

The psychology behind a killer’s intent, especially a serial killer, has always fascinated me and this anime satiates my intrigue.

The cases are getting more and more interesting by the episode, and I think it’s going to get more interesting as we get closer and closer to unveiling who John Walker is and his connection to the serial killers.

I do have my thoughts on who John Walker might be, if it is a fellow colleague, but I will keep that to myself until there is more evidence to go on.


Thanks for reading.

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