Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 5

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The Wandering Birds

Golem and Somali say goodbye to Kokilila and Kikila. Though Kikila is sad that his new friend is leaving, he wishes her farewell and a safe journey.

Golem and Somali use a wagon to travel through the desert, to make it easier and safer. The journey is long and hot even in a wagon. Poor Somali is bone dry thirsty.

Luckily they make it to a way station, Winecup Village.

It’s a small village inside of a volcanic crater. There is an interesting legend that surrounds this village too. Apparently before the village was built, some travelers took refuge in the crater. One of the travelers was a wine merchant, and her decided to share his wine and good spirits with the other travelers and they all shared a banquet together. So from then on that legend became engraved into the making of the village and now every traveler shares a drink with one another for the hopes of safe travel across the desert.

While Golem and Somali stopped to get a drink, Golem was told that story and shared a drink with a random fellow traveler.

But the only thing on the menu for Somali was some ice cream, which she jumped at the chance to eat it. The only problem was that another traveler, a harpy girl named Uzoi wanted some ice cream too, but there was only enough ice cream left for one person.

Somali and Uzoi “fought” over who would get the ice cream.

Uzoi’s traveling companion, Haitora, introduced himself to Golem and told Golem that he and Uzoi are traveling to find a cure for his ailment.

While Golem and Haitora talked, Somali and Uzoi split the ice cream. But Uzoi eventually gave Somali her half too once she smelled Somali’s scent. Looks like Somali’s true identity as a human might have been uncovered.

Uzoi then thought of a plan. Allow Golem and Somali to travel across the desert with them in exchange for Golem’s help lifting and carrying their supplies, but something else seemed off.

Each party said goodnight and would journey together the next day.

In Uzoi and Haitora’s room, Uzoi takes off Haitora’s mask revealing that he is actually a human…

just like Somali. Besides Somali, this is the first time that we have seen another human. But it looks like Haitora is growing feathers or something else on his face that seems to be causing his ailment.

Uzoi leans into Haitora and tells him that she has plan involving Somali that might cure his ailment. What is Uzoi planning on dong with Somali?

The next day, the party heads out across the desert. It is definitely much faster to travel in a wagon across the desert, but it is still dangerous.

Along the journey, they almost get attacked by a sandshark, Somali almost falls out of the wagon when a tornado comes close to them, and then their wagon gets stuck in sand.

Luckily, they find a cave to rest for the night.

While Haitora and Golem unload the wagon prepare the campsite, Uzoi and Somali gather torchbugs to use as their light source and then water for everyone.

Somali and Uzoi converse with one another about the relationship between their companions. Uzoi asks Somali where her real father is, which Somali responds telling Uzoi that Golem is her real father.

Somali asks Uzoi what Haitora is to her and she tells Somali that he is very special to her. When her mother died, it was Haitora that stayed with her and kept her from feeling alone.

She would do anything for Haitora. Starting to get real ominous.

And as Uzoi and Somali were heading back to camp, she all of a sudden aggressively pinned Somali down to ground telling Somali that she needs Somali to cure Haitora.

She intends to kill Somali to hopefully save Haitora from his ailment.

Back at camp, Haitora cannot stand the though of Uzoi hurting or killing Somali just to save him. He reveals to Golem that he is human and he need Golem’s help.

Haitora needs Golem’s help to stop Uzoi!


The one thing that I am always amazed by this anime is it’s art design. In every episode, the colors seem to stand out enchant the eyes by the vibrant and beautiful colors.

Finally we see a real threat with Somali and her human identity. Though its not the threat of being eaten that has been alluded to throughout the series, this threat is still concerning for Somali’s sake.

Of course we can imagine what may happen in the next episode, meaning she will not be killed, Somali is still in some real danger. It’s a common morality question that is posed in anime and reality a lot, whether the sacrifice of one to save another is justified or not.

Though Uzoi has good intentions to save Haitora, she would be taking the life of someone else to do it. Will it work out for the better for both parties, or will someone end up losing the person they love the most in life?


Thanks for reading.

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