Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 4

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The Wishing Flower and the Promise Request

As the previous episode left off, Golem is still working to gain enough money to continue the journey and Somali is in the underground caverns looking for the wish granting flower.

Somali was about to be attacked by a large mushroom, when a wolf man saved her and Kikila. Somali is surprised when the wolf man appeared but even more surprised when Kikila hugs the wolf man, whose name is Muthrica.

Somali is scared at first, but calms down when Kikila tells her that he is a nice person.

Muthrica tells Somali and Kikila that they have to return home with him and not venture in the cavern again. Kikila explains that they went into the cavern to find the flower that will grant Somali’s wish of staying with her dad forever. But as she was about to show Muthrica the flower, the flower begins the fade its glow and die.

Somali tells Muthrica that she will not leave until she gets the flower that will grant her wish.

Admiring her gust and conviction, he tells Somali the he will venture with them to keep them safe and show them where they can get a flower that will be strong enough to make it back to the surface alive.

The three of them journey deeper in the cavern to find the flowers that grow next to the tree that gives them their nutrients and glow.

When they finally find the flowers and Somali picks one, a giant lizard, who protects the tree and its flowers, appears behind them.

Muthrica readies with crossbow to attack the creature but fears that if he attacks, then the creature may go into a frenzy and attack Somali and Kikila.

Kikila stands in front of Somali, protecting her but they stand no chance of scaring it or killing it.

Somali pleads with the creature to let her have the flower so that her and her dad can stay together forever.

Then two small lizard creature appears on the lizards head. I guess the lizard is a parent.

Seeing innocence in Somali’s eyes, the creature walks away allowing Somali to take the flower with her.

With their journey into the cavern over, Somali, Kikila, and Muthrica return to the surface and return to the restaurant. But unfortunately the past nightfall and Somali broke her promise to Golem to be back before nightfall.

Somali returns happy and gleeful to show the flower to Golem and have her wish be granted.

But Golem is not as happy, for Somali broke her promise and disobeyed his instructions.

Golem scolded Somali asking her why she disobeyed until finally telling her that she keeps this up then Golem would have no choice but to end their journey here and now.

Somali can’t believe Golem would say that. She throws the flower to the ground and runs upside to the room where she and Golem have been staying in.

It hurts inside when Somali cries like that. I swear this show is about to make me cry. STOP making Somali cry!

Kikila stays outside her door trying to talk to her but she is not in the mood to talk.

Downstairs Muthrica tells Golem that the reason Somali broke her promise of coming back before nightfall was to get the flower that will allow her and Golem to stay together forever. Muthrica hands Golem the flower and leaves.

Eventually, Kikila tells Somali that he is coming in the room to talk, but when he opens the door he finds Somali collapsed on the floor breathing heavy.

Kikila tells his dad and Golem, and they rush to find Somali is sick. Golem asks for medicine, but all the medicine Kokilila had was for their race.

Golem tries to give Somali food and water, but she tells Golem that she isn’t hungry. Golem tells her to eat anyway but can’t keep it down and throws it up. Somali, who is in great pain, needs medicine and fast!

Without a second thought Golem ran to the medicine store to get medicine for Somali, but its after dark and all the shops are technically closed.

While running to the medicine shop, he realizes that Somali became sick due to their journey. He blames himself for not noticing the exhaustion, the physical trauma, and the emotional trauma that led up to Somali eventual sickness.

When he races the medicine shop, he begs the shopkeeper to sell him some medicine. The shopkeeper asks what race, which we know that Somali is human but no one else does for risk of her safety.

Golem asks for a medicine that treats all races, but the shopkeeper tells Golem that the ingredients are hard to some by and that it is very expensive. Golem immediately gave the shopkeeper all the money that he had in exchange for the medicine. Golem did not care, he just wanted the medicine that would make Somali better.

Back at the restaurant, Golem give Somali the medicine…

…albeit slower this time. Golem is trying to be better.

Kokilila comes in to see how Somali is doing. He also comments that it is easy to see that Golem is protective of Somali and cares for Somlai, but might take it overboard. Kokilia tells Golem that there is no perfect parent and that he even messes up with Kikila at times.

But the important thing to do is apologize and let the child know how much they mean to the parent. Both parent and child work together to grow a relationship the both can see love and care clearly.

In the morning Golem checks Somali to make sure the fever has broken, which it did thanks to the medicine.

Golem tells Somali that they will be staying in Anthole City for a bit longer before venturing into the desert. Golem will stay working at the restaurant until they have enough money.

Somali then realizes that because of her sickness, Golem had to spend all the money they had to buy her the medicine.

Somlai feels responsible that they do not have the money, but Golem reassures her that he can always replace the money they lose. What can’t be replaced is Somali.

Somali looks up at Golem, with tears in her eyes and hugs Golem.

These tears are okay, Somali is happy.

Golem and Somali make up and apologize to each other. Golem for making her afraid for what he said, and Somali for not coming back when she was suppose to.

Then Somali looks up at Golem and asks him…

Golem hesitates for a moment but then tells her…

(Oh he better.)

Later in the day, when Golem was preparing the restaurant to be opened, Muthrica stops the Golem and tells Golem of a journey that Muthrica had been on a while back. He came across another Golem that seemed to be close to its life cycle, just like Golem.

Muthrica tells Golem that he hopes that he keeps his promise to Somali and finds a way to be with her forever and not betray that promise.

For Somali’s sake, I hope so too.


Though I have a prediction that this show will not end well and make everyone watching it burst into tears, it is still by far my favorite anime of this season.

Though unaware to Golem, he is becoming more life like the more time he spends with Somali. He worries about her safety, he cares for her, and wants what is best for her.

The more and more Golem and Somali travel, the more and more they seem to be like a true parent and child.


Thanks for reading.

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