Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 3

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The Sea at the Bottom of the Cave

Golem and Somali are now traveling in a desert. They stop to take a break at a rest stop and get some water where they find a carriage that would easily take them out of the desert faster, but unfortunately they do not have the funds to support the taking of the carriage. Somali makes a comment that he enjoys walking with Golem no matter where it is.

Golem remembers what he told Yabashiro and Shizuno about his timeline. Golem only has a little over a year to get Somali back to her parents, or at least her race, before he dies.

As they journey, they come across a city behind a large shell-like wall.

This city is Anthole City.

Searching the city and selling some gems to gain money for their trip, Golem finds a job at a restaurant to gain the money that he needs for the continuing journey.

Golem and Somali meet Koklilila and his son, Kikila.

With Golem needing to find a job to gain more money and Kokilila needing staff, Golem finds himself working as a waiter.

While Golem worked, Somali played with Kikila.

As Golem was waiting on customers he was asked about his journey. Golem told the customers that he was searching for humans. The customer told Golem that some humans were said to be across the Osuna Desert.

Kikila and Somali talk about her journey and he asks Somali if she would visit him again once her journey is over. Seems like Somali has never really thought about what would happen once their journey is over.

Somali is aware that Golem is taking her back to her parents or people, but what is going to happen after that? Is Golem just going to go away?

Well, we do kinda know what is eventually going to happen.

Kokilila asks Kikila and Somali to run an errand, to Golem’s objection with Somali leaving the restaurant. Golem eventually agrees to let Somali to go.

While Kikila and Somali are out they pick up what they needed to and get some treats too, but something is bothering Somali. She is not her usual happy, perky self.

She starts to cry and tell Kilia that she thinks that Golem is trying to get rid of her and end their journey as soon as possible. But she doesn’t want to ever leave him.

It hurts to see Somali cry.

Kikila has an idea to help Somali. There’s a legend in the city that in a cave beneath the city grows a flower that can grant any wish. Maybe the flower will be able to keep Somali and Golem together forever. Maybe.

Kikila and Somali venture down into the cave.

A world beneath the city is wondrous and beautiful, but also home to many dangerous creatures. Children are not supposed to be down in the cave system for that very reason, but you try and tell a kid something, and they will do the exact opposite.

Somali and Kiklia venture deeper into the cave taking in the scenery around them.

Kiklia asks Somali about her and Golem, and why she calls him Dad?

Somali tells Kiklia that whenever she is in danger, he is there to protect her, whenever she can’t sleep, he is there to count stars for her to sleep, whenever she may get lost, he is there to hold her hand, and he is there for her whenever she needs him. That is why Golem is her dad.

Just then, a swarm of butterflies swarm past them and Koklia tells Somali that the butterflies are attracted to the flower that they are looking for. Somali jumps up and runs to follow the butterflies.

When they find the butterflies, they also find a filed of the flowers that they were looking for. Somali looks for the biggest one there to grant her her wish to stay with Golem forever.

The flower was planted near the base of what seems to be a giant mushroom, but what was in fact a monster.

Somali was just about to be attacked, when some wolf looking man shot at the monster with his crossbow, saving Somali.

But who is this wolf-man?


This anime is by far one the most beautiful animes that have come out this year. Yes the year just started, but still, its is such a beautiful show.

The story is similar to many other stories about people finding a lost child or person and growing an inseparable bond with one another. But Somali and the Forest Spirit brings a beautiful world alongside a story that will touch your heart and pull at your heartstrings.

I do hope for a happy ending for Somali and Golem, but I also hope that it doesn’t bring forth Golem’s eventual demise and then suddenly make Golem able to live on.

I guess we will see.


Thanks for reading.

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