Plunderer Ep. 3

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Uniforms are Uniform

Hina is hiding out in Nana’s shop when some guards approached them telling Nana that Licht is a wanted criminal for harboring a ballot and asked for his whereabouts. Nana tells them she has no clue where he could be.

Hina, hiding out in Nana’s wagon restaurant can’t believe that the officer she met at the end episode 2 actually told her the truth that he would not turn her in.

Hina worries about Licht and wonders where he is. So, where is Licht?

We see a town on top of a spiraling mountain. There a military woman is making posters for a playground for the children of the village. This woman’s name is Lyn, a very kind, sweet, and generous person who only wants to help those around her.

Though she is genuinely nice person, Lyn’s count is part of the reason why she is always helping people. Her count relies on how many people she has helped, but the problem with her count is that she has to help those that are truly in need of help, which in this town is just everyday help or errands so it doesn’t affect her count.

Her partner, Pele, brings her a wanted poster of Licht and that they are charged with finding him. The only clue that they have to go on is that Licht is always seen wearing of goofy mask.

Well it’s not long before they find some weird looking guy in a pudding suit wearing a goofy mask. Guess who that is?

Upon seeing this strange man, she immediately claims that he is Licht and tries to remove the mask. The strange man pleas with her not to remove his mask for his face is so horrid that woman run away in fear from it. He tells Lyn that his count is in the negatives because of that reason and that he doesn’t wish to scare a beauty like Lyn too.

Well, she believes him. The man asks Lyn if she would go out with just once. Pele chimes in and tells Lyn that this would be the perfect way to increase her count. But Lyn’s problem is that she has never been on a date in her life and doesn’t know what to do.

Well, Pele has that taken care of as he pulls out a dating magazine and instructs Lyn on how to proceed with the date.

As the date goes on her count increases thanks to Pele with his tips and Licht with his self depravity. With hand holding to hugging and lap laying to light groping, Pele instructed Lyn to do her best on the date.

Licht kinda got ahead of himself with the light groping though.

Pele seemed to not mind at all though as he looked on and had the anime trope of the perverted nose bleed.

Long story short, the introduction of new characters and the whereabouts of Licht involved perverted fan service scenes that, I admit, were kinda funny. I chuckled a bit at the goofy strange mask Licht was wearing and Lyn’s reactions.

Once Licht was revealed to be who he was, he tried to put the moves on Lyn, and oddly enough was successful. Lyn kinda fell for his looks and was about to kiss him, when Licht up and vanished.

Meanwhile, Hina and Nana were paid a visit by a lieutenant of the military demanding the location of Licht.

Nana told him that she didn’t know, but he didn’t buy that and threatened her by trapping her and encasing her feet in stone.

Nana then told him that Licht went to the east, but the lieutenant told his men to head west believing that Nana told him the wrong way to steer them away from Licht.

Before the lieutenant left he destroyed Nana’s wagon and rushed off to hunt Licht down.

Looks like Licht is going to be in some trouble in the next episode.


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