Somali and the Forest Spirit Ep. 2

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Episode 2: Edible Herbs and the Oni’s Dwelling

Golem and Somali stop near a river and set up camp. Somali is asleep in the tent, while Golem waits for morning by the fire.

When Somali awakes she is just in time to see the sun crest over the mountain range in the distance creating a beautiful morning scene.

Their morning starts with fishing for breakfast. A couple of horned rabbits smell the fish and decide to join them. Somali finds out that her Dad, the golem, can talk to animals. He explains that as the guardian of forests, he can talk to animals to better protect it and the animals within it.

One of those rabbits steal Somali’s food and she chases after it. Golem tries to warn her about running too fast, but just as he said that she tripped and fell. Somali scrapped her knee pretty bad to the point that it would not stop bleeding easily. Somali tries not to cry over the pain, but it really hurts and her eyes begin to tear up, and she is becoming visibly upset.

Just then a dwarf Oni appeared, named Shizuno, who offered to treat Somali with some ointment that will stop the bleeding.

Shizuno treats the wound, but tells the two of them that she can bandage the wound up back at her house.

At Shizuno’s house, we are introduced to his assistant, Yabashiro, who is angry with Shizuno because of the mess that Shizuno makes and expects Yabashiro to clean up.

After Shizuno finishes taking care of Somali’s wound, Golem asks Shizuno if he could teach Golem how to make ointment to save Golem and Somali’s time if Somali gets injured again.

All the while Golem is learning how to make ointments, for which Shizuno agreed to only if he could have a piece of Golem’s skin to study, Somali is outside with Yabashiro doing some of the household chores. She wants to be helpful to others and especially to Golem for all the things that Golem does for her.

As the sun sets and all of the chores are done, it’s time for Somali to eat. Because of all of the hard work Somali has done, she can barely stay awake throughout eating.

Once Somali was put to bed, Shizuno and Yabashiro ask Golem their story. He explains that he must get Somali to her parents s quickly as possible. They ask Golem why and he shows them why.

Golem’s body is deteriorating. Golem tells them that golems only live for 1,000 years. Golem has been alive for 998 years and 253 days, and has only 1 year and 112 days left. If he doesn’t get Somali to her people or parents then she will fall to danger, be alone, and left to die.

In the morning, Golem and Somali set out but not before Shizuno give Golem some medicine and Yabashiro gives Somali some candy.

As Golem and Somali walk away, Shizuno comments that he hopes that he and Yabashiro can see Golem and Somali again.


First of all, Somali is so cute and funny. The interactions between her and people are so innocent and playful.

The development between Golem and Somali is like a parent and their child. Though Golem says that he has no feelings or emotions, it is clear that he cares for Somali and loves her. When she was hurt Golem told Shizuno that he was upset and never wanted to see Somali upset ever again.

It’s a typical story of a non living being, with no feelings or emotions, grows to become more human like and finds that something that he or she cares for and never wants to let go, but that doesn’t take away from the story or growth within that character.

Like many can predict, this show is probably going to have a sad ending that will make almost anyone cry.


Thanks for reading.

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