Plunderer Ep. 1

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Episode 1: The Legendary Ace

Plunderer, made by Geek Toys studio, tells the story of a young girl, Hina, who travels a long way to find this legendary ace person. For what reason we are unsure of at this moment.

The world is controlled by numbers. Everyone has a number in which their worth is measured by the count of the number. If that number reaches 0 then they will be dragged into the Abyss.

The Abyss is said to be like death in this world.

When Hina was a child her mothers number reached 0 and she was dragged into the Abyss, but before she was dragged into the Abyss she gave Hina an orb with the number 10000 and find the legendary ace.

Some years later, Hina travels to a town where she has heard rumors of the legendary ace residing in this city. She stops to take a break at the fountain, where people rest and wash their feet, when a strange stuffed creature like thing floats up to her.

Then some strange man dressed in a long red cloak and wore a white Noh mask appeared. Well, it doesn’t take long for Hina to realized that this man is a giant pervert as he was rubbing his mask against her legs and forcibly trying to look under her skirt.

Hina manages to get away from him, but he chases after her. She screams for help and then the man gets elbow checked into a tree by a voluptuous beautiful woman with purple eyes, who runs a traveling food wagon.

Her name is Nana, and she actually knows this strange man.

Nana tells Hina that the man’s name is Licht. Hina and Nana talk a bit and through that talk is how we are introduced to a lot of how the world of Plunderer works.

Nana explains the hierarchy system regarding the numbers, and tells Hina that her count is associated to the number of meals that customers tell her are good. Her number is currently 77.

Hina’s umber is associated to the number of kilometers that she has traveled. Her number is 441.

Hina tells Nana that she is searching for this person who is a legendary ace that her mother told her about before she went into the Abyss. This legendary ace would have a white star by the number count, that this ace fought in the Waste War, and that the ace possess great power.

Just then a military man, Davi or David depending if it’s the subbed or dubbed, appeared. He claims that he is the legendary ace that Hina has been searching for and takes her away to the military compound.

At the compound, Hina shows david the orb that she has and he immediately asks her is she is a Ballot users. She has no idea what he is talking about and he demands that she hand it over to him all the while trying to take advantage of Hina. She pushes him away and requests that he stop immediately.

Another interesting rule when it comes to the hierarchical number system is that those that posses higher numbers cannot be denied a request from a lower number. David’s number is 320. But there are loop holes to that rule.

That loop hole says that a lower numbered person can challenge a higher numbered person in a battle, called a Star Stake or Startheft Bout. Being a military soldier, David has the unfair advantage over Hina.

Hina looses and her numbers are reduced to 1 while the rest of her numbers are given to David, increasing his count to 760.

Again, he tells Hina to hand over the Ballot orb or he will challenge her again and reduce her number to 0 sending her to the Abyss.

Just then Licht appears before Hina and David telling David that she accepts his challenge, but that Licht will fight in her stead. David mocks Licht for having a -999 number.

David agrees and rushes Licht with sword drawn, wildly attacking him. Though it seems that Licht is just standing there not defending himself.

Davids cuts Licht’s stuffed creature up and also give him a nice haircut, in the process. very nice of him.

As David was hacking and slashing at Licht and hi stuffed creature, David’s men realize that the negative number is impossible and that Licht should already be in the Abyss unless the number is being canceled by something.

Just then, Licht tears the stuffed creature apart revealing a white and black sword.

One of David’s men reveal that Licht must be a Ballot holder. David, now cautious and afraid, tries to attack Licht, but Licht vanishes from in front of David and then appears behind Hina.

Licht tells Hina that she should stop looking for aces fro they are no heroes but are murderers.

Licht draws the sword revealing a white star and the number 5700 etched into the blade representing the number of foes Licht has slain.

Licht takes Hina in her arms, protecting Hina from David, and readies to win Hina’s numbers back fro her.

Looks like Hina has finally found the person that she has been looking for, the legendary ace.


Plunderer is a vibrant colorful anime. It definitely relies on the perverted comedic antics of Licht to serve as an entertaining plot device, but it doesn’t take away from the story progression or the main plot of the anime.

There seems to be a lot of source material from the manga that the anime can use and further the story for multiple seasons.

The characters so far presented are interesting and seem to have more to tell than just what they first showed. The only thing that I can see as repetitive and annoying would be if Hina continues to act as the damsel in distress and need saving by Licht. It does appear to look that way, with the appearance of Hina being the fair maiden and Licht being the shining hero.

Definitely looks like this show has the potential to last. Let’s watch and see.


Thanks for reading.

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