Plunderer Ep. 2

Episode 2: I Hate You!

The before credits scene gives some more information regarding the Waste Wars. It explains what the Waste War was and how the legendary aces became the tales of legend.

Battles raged on until seven heroes known as Aces entered the battle and put a stop to it. These Aces possessed special and abilities and immense power. But once the war was over, the Aces just vanished never to be seen again.

Licht and David continue their fight, with Licht running circles around him in the fight. David still thought that Licht was not an Ace and that he is a fraud. David’s subordinates coward in feared as Licht fought against their leader with little to no effort.

Eventually, David gave up and surrendered the numbers that he stole from Hina. She receives her original numbers back in addition to the ones from David making her count 760 and David’s 1.

Hina feels overjoyed that Licht saved her and is the legendary ace that she has been searching for, or so it seems. Licht then snatches the Ballot orb from her claiming that it will sell for a hefty sum, and then leaves.

Hina is left speechless and upset that Licht betrayed her and took the last thing that she has from her deceased mother. The only thing that he leaves her is a smaller version of the stuffed creature that he carried around.

Hina makes it back to Nana and explains the situation. Nana tells Hina that the stuffed creature might have more significance than she might have first thought. Hina opens the stuffed creature and finds the Ballot orb inside.

Nana tells Hina that the Ballot orb is highly illegal and that she eventually would of been arrested for having it and stole it from her right in front of the military guards to keep them off her trail. Realizing that Licht is not a bad guy after all, chases after him before he can leave town, but t was too late.

She cries out to Licht to not leave, but he is too far and doesn’t not want to get Hina involved in any danger.

Though Licht and Hina’s path may have diverged, their fates are destined together.


The battle animation for this episode was well done.

The only part that I did not like, was towards the end when Hina was calling out to Licht as he was leaving. One of the subordinates of David, only identifier on him is the ID number of 47 on his jacket, approaches Hina and tells her that they are not concerned about the Ballot orb but instead interested in Licht and the other legendary aces.

It seems like the whole drama with Licht leaving was all for nothing. We assume that they want to kill Licht or use him for something, but it is not clear.

I guess the interest in the the legendary aces and what the military wants with them will be revealed as the story goes on.


Thanks for reading.

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