Id: Invaded Ep. 2

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Episode 2 : Jigsawed 2

Hondomachi is in trouble, but no one knows where the killer has taken her. The killer escaped through the sewer to any number of other sewer exits. The killers name is Fukuda.

While Hondomachi is being taken, the swat team and Matsuoda discovered that the person they thought was the killer, holding a drill, was actually the victim, and that the killer was the victim that carted away earlier. That allowed the killer to kill the medics that was treating Fukuda and kidnap Hondomachi.

Fukuda’s method is to put holes in his victim’s head to match his own. His motive for doing this is that the air rushing through the holes allow his victims to think clearly about the things around them.

Back in the Id well, Sakaido comes face to face with the image of the killer and chases after it. Since this is the psyche of the killer’s mind, the killer can move around it a lot more freely managing to get away from Sakaido.

As Sakaido looks out at the great distance between he and the killer, Hondomachi’s id image walks out of the room with Sakaido, but immediately becomes frightened. Sakaido looks at what Hondomachi is so frightened of and the there, sitting on a chair is John Walker.

John Walker leaps out of his chair and lands on the same room platform that Sakaido is on. Sakaido looks over and the rest of the victims are cowering in fear at the sudden appearance of John Walker. Having no other option, Sakaido fights John Walker and knocks him unconscious. Just what is this John Walker person’s connection to these people, and why are they so terrified of him?

The analysis team changes their focus to figuring out the connection with John Walker, but Matsuoka angrily chimes in telling them to look for Hondomachi. Matsuoka also says that a tracking chip on the scanner, Wakumusubi, should have been placed on the thing.

Suddenly, chief Hayaseura of this unit enters reminding Matsuoka that the device is still a secret technology hidden from the public’s knowledge.

Meanwhile Handomachi awakens on a large metal table.

Fukuda asks Hondomachi on how the device that she was carrying works. He tells her why he makes the holes in people’s head and that the hole in his head was made by his own hands.

He tells her that she wants to stay him from drilling a hole n her head then she should tell him more about the device. Hondomachi stays strong but also realizes that she may not have much of a choice.

Back in the Id well, Sakaido uncovers that the killer and John Walker might have some connection and that the reason why he waited so long to appear was because he was afraid of John Walker.

Hondomachi begins to tell Fukuda what the Wakumusubi is and how it works. Fukuda just doesn’t seem to understand, but Hondomachi comes up with a plan and decides to show Fukuda just how the device works. She plunges her head into the drill that was pointed at her head.

With Hondomachi doing this, it created her own Id well that the analysis team can use to find her location.

Just then Sakaido begins to rocket straight up into the air, exiting the Id well. Then Sakaido wakes up in a machine with Momoki apologizing to him using his real name, Narihisago, and telling him that he needs to jump into a different Id well.

This new Id well is a barren wasteland with giant drills coming out of the clouds above piercing the ground.

Sakaido spots a tree with the same girl, Kaeru, from the previous Id well from before inside this one hanging from a tree. The mystery behind this girl is still evident and the driving force behind Sakaido.

His trip in this Id well does not last long before he is crushed by one the falling drills, but the analysis team is able to find the location of Hondomachi through this visit. So is wasn’t a waste at all.

Hondomachi is being held at the closed down restaurant building a few kilometers away.

Meanwhile, Hondomachi wakes up from being pierced by the drill, with Fukuda telling her that he understands that the victim must choose to have the hole in their head for them to be able to see the world clearly.

A swat team and Matsuoka arrive in time to save Hondomachi and capture Fukuda.

Now with the killer captured, the analysis team is done. Momoki opens up a staircase the descends below the operation room and into the room where Sakaido is in while using the machine to dive into the Id wells.

Momoki wraps up with Sakaido about the field teams results and checks on his mental state. The way that Momoki tells Sakaido about Hondomachi leads to believe that she did not make it and may be dead. The two of them also led it to be determined that Kaeru may be involved with Sakaido by the way of that Sakaido’s daughter may have been killed by whomever killed Kaeru.

A couple of police officers enter and take Sakaido away. It’s to wonder if Sakaido is a criminal because of the death of his daughter and that he killed the person responsible, and that the reason Kaeru pops up in each Id well is because Kaeru is connected to other killers as well.

Togo and the chief begin to discuss the outcome of this killer and his connection to other serial killers popping up, 5 in total so far. The only link that they came surmise is that John Walker may be the one orchestrating these serial killers to act. An interesting theory and speculation, but without any evidence that is what it i to remain, a theory or speculation.

Sakaido is brought back to his cell, which its walls are aligned with pictures that appear to be his daughter.

He falls asleep thinking about Kaeru and how he could save her the next time he dives into the Id well.


I sure do hope that Hondomachi is alive and continues as a main character in this series. She is spunky and intelligent, and and interesting character.

The reveal that Sakaido is actually a criminal was a surprise. Though what loving parent wouldn’t seek some type of revenge for the murder of their child. Seems like throughout the mysteries in the series, we will get closer and closer to finding out more about Sakaido and his crime and true identity of John Walker.


Thanks for reading.

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