Id: Invaded Ep. 1

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Episode 1: Jigsawed

What would you do if you woke up in a strange place, with no memory, the world around you is like puzzle pieces, and even your body starts to break into many different pieces?

Well for this man that is exactly what he had to find out.

He slowly gets up, gathers his parts together, and puts himself back together, all except parts of his left arm. After getting his bearings he notices a pair of legs sticking out from one the building pieces floating above. He investigates and discovers the body of a dead girl.

As he stares at body, his memory started to come back to him. His name is Sakaido, and he is the detective that has to find the murderer of this girl, and the world that he is in will give him the clues to figure that out.

The next scene pans out to show that Sakaido is in virtual world, called the Id well. An Id well is a world that seems to be the psyche of the one who killed the known victims.

An analysis team is on the outside acting to monitor the world Sakaido’s in, to check any information Sakaido finds out, and then to relay it to the field team to investigate it in the real world.

The analysis team consists of Togo, Kofuku, Shiratake, Habutae, and Wakashika, with Momoki as the team leader. The field team consists of Matsuoka and Hondomachi.

Hondomachi’s age is never clarified, but she is old enough to drive, and is Matsuoka’s rookie partner.

Back with Sakaido, he begins putting the pieces around him and reconstructing the pieces into a house. He begins looking through the rooms from those pieces and finds an office with a picture of several people, who look like they are connected to each other.

On the outside world the analysis team looks into the identities of the people in the photo. According to the findings, these people have no prior connection. The analysis team also linked a possibility that two recent missing persons may be the next targets of the murderer.

Meanwhile, Sakaido finds these same people trapped inside this virtual world. They have no memory of their previous lives and believe that they are a family. Sakaido brings all of these people to see the dead body in hopes that they know of the connection they have. But they do not know her.

What does peek interest to the analysis team is the image of a man named John Walker in the reflection in a picture frame in the same room as the other people. His part to play in this case is still a mystery.

As the field team checks up in the real world with the victims from the virtual world, Sakaido is unraveling more clues to the whereabouts of the murderer.

He pieces together more of the world, and as the world comes into place a name pops up to a estimated location.

Takoya is the name of a restaurant that is nearby one of the missing victims house.

The field team, Matsuoka and Hondomachi, are dispatched right away. Hondomachi discovers that the image in the virtual world is skewed at an angle, meaning that the murderer must be adjacent to the restaurant not directly at the restaurant. Hondomachi sees a house at the appropriate angle and figures out that the murderer is located in that house.

Matsuoka goes into the house without backup, leaving Hondomacho to tell the backup swat team where to go, and enters the house to save the victims before the murderer kills again.

Matsuoka finds one of the victims dead, the other still missing or was never there. The swat team was right behind Matsuoka to clear the house.

Meanwhile, while Sakaido is still trying to uncover more clues, and another person suddenly appears behind him, meaning another victim.

This victim is Hondomachi, who was outside with no protection and taken by the murderer.

She is now a victim of the murderer and else she is saved she will be killed.


This show reminds me a bit like Psycho-Pass with the identifying a criminals intent to kill with Sakaido representing a hint of Sherlock Holmes.

The psychological thinking and the mystery story plots will for sure keep you interested going forward.


Thanks for reading.

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